Best renekton build?

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User Info: xMischief

6 years ago#1
Whats some bursty build for Renekton? I like the champion and find him not that useful when you build him with sunfire and GA first. >.>

User Info: Yomjoseki

6 years ago#2
I like getting Brutalizer and Ghostblade on him for the armor penetration, damage, and cooldown reduction, but that's just me.

Randuin's is great on him as well.
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User Info: xMischief

6 years ago#3
Bump for the morning group >.> bumped another thread on accident -_-

User Info: SorrySleeping

6 years ago#4
Merc Treads (more damage masteries with 15% CDR) or Lucidity (Tanky runes/Masteries with no CDR)

Throw a Frozen Mallet in there somewhere.
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User Info: Kanadwen

6 years ago#5
For burst?

Build CD boots first, then go for Spirit Visage. After this, start jungling like mad and farming minions like mad, your CD (especially if you have CD runes) will be amazing and you'll be able to get gold very quickly. Get Brutalizer ASAP after this and continue farming. You will be pretty bursty atm, but now you gotta make a decision depending on the enemy team and how well are you doing.

Did you get a couple of kills? Are they high physical DPS? For safety I go for GA, but if you are doing ok I'd go and shoot for a Giant's Belt. Upgrade the Brutalizer, then upgrade the Belt into Mallet. Bam, you shall be one bursty mofo at this time. But remember, at this point in the match if you're not dominating you will be focused and die very fast. This is why I like to build GA before Belt/Y Blade because I can be risky. - Renekton!

User Info: nyhustler208

6 years ago#6
boots and 4HP pots/(wait 10sec)
merc/ionia boots (depends on the team ur against)
Spirt visage
^ thats your core build for ALL GAMES

then build more tank if you need it or get ghostblade then build a trinity force, blood thirster OR last whisper
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User Info: Seouker

6 years ago#7
^ yeah be more original instead of copying voyboy's guide which imo is not fully optimized
XBLGT: Seouk

User Info: Voidgolem

6 years ago#8

Wit's end, Black Cleaver, and I guess Malady.

Walk up, W someone for a billion damage, roflspin away.

Is it optimal? Lolmalady.

Now, the best overall build involves some combination of ghostblade, spirit visage, and mallet.
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User Info: KajinNinja

6 years ago#9
this is my build and i do fine with it, but I guess its just because its my preference...

Boots of Situation
Avarice Blade (Later Ghostblade)
Heart of Gold (Later Omen)
Situational Tank Item (Angel or FoN)
Black Cleaver
Situational last item, usually QQS with all the Ignite...

but yeah... again that's just me...
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User Info: JoecoolBCS

6 years ago#10
Hmmmm all fine I guess but the way to go is...

Doran shield- Under rated the 100 health and armor is great and cheap.

Farm till you have about 1800 gold for brute and boots and potas or ward

NOW very important
You will do enough damage now. It becomes situational.

Core 1
CD boots

^if they dont have crazy amounts of ap or your not getting focused

Core 2
Merc treads
armor vest
MR cloak

^ gives you TONS of survivability and from here you can build what you see fit.

Do you need a slow? randiuns
All around next item? Sunfire and ghostblade
More MR? FoN

If it aint over yet Wth you do wrong :P

But seriously look at maybe a cleaver or more defense.
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