What is split pushing?

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User Info: IAmNotTyph

6 years ago#1
Or rather, what is the difference between normal pushing and split pushing?

User Info: VeeVees

6 years ago#2
umm.....you split up and push separately?
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User Info: Icegoten200

6 years ago#3
Pushing where you push two lanes like mid and top or top and bot.

Teemo's mushrooms allows him to do this easily since he can lay mushrooms in the path of minions in top lane after he pushes so the lane pushes itself again without champions having to be there while he can go bottom lane and push and do the same thing. Rinse and repeat.
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User Info: Sharnian

6 years ago#4
I was under the assumption that Teemo used the shrooms to cover sidepaths in the jungle so he could push safely and run away with move quick before the enemy could catch him.

User Info: starmilski13

6 years ago#5
He could really do both; put a shroom or two in the brush, then put some to kill the minion waves. You only need one or two shrooms in the jungle to either see somebody coming through it or drag them through them for escapes.
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User Info: Ragvald

6 years ago#6
Generally Teemo's will spend some time mushrooming the entrances to where they plan to push and then when they do finally push because they're safe from ganks they mushroom the lane behind them so if anybody with an oracle dodges all his shrooms without him seeing them they still have no chance of killing him.
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  3. What is split pushing?

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