Caitlyn Build and runes.

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User Info: AvionFinch

6 years ago#1
I just started playing this game about a week ago, and I love it. I've been using Caitlyn a lot, and want to make sure I build her the right way and have the right runes. So, whats the best way to go?

User Info: Thalandor46

6 years ago#2
Early game, Cait is all about farming and harassing. This means abusing the hell out of Piltover Peacemaker. The biggest block in doing so is mana. Personally, I like to counter this with Masamune. Late game, I like taking down opposing champions with rapid crits. This is how I usually go down:


Meki Pendant, Health Potion x1
Tear of the Goddess
Berserker's Greaves
Phantom Dancers
Infinity Edge
Stark's Fervor
Frozen Mallet

With that build, you'll be able to hit very hard very fast, and it'll be hard for them to run. Now, here's the key. This is assuming you can get away with a completely offensive build. In the majority of games, you won't be able to. The problem with placing defensive items is that they are usually situational and there's no one good answer for squishy DPS champions. You may want to go for Mercury's Treads against a lot of CC, or Cloak and Dagger if you already got Zerks. Banshee's Veil is always great to counter offensive abilities. Force of Nature might be needed against a magic heavy team. It will take time, but you need to learn to read the situation you're in (or better, will be in) and adapt to what you're up against, as well as figuring out what you can put off or drop completely from the base offensive build. Cait can be a very fun champ to play, taking down squishy champs before they know what hit them or providing a lot of support damage in team fights. But she can just as easily be shut down if she's not prepared for what the opposition has in store.
"Give a man a fish, and he'll eat for a day. Give a man two fish, and he'll eat for two days."

User Info: IngmarBirdman

6 years ago#3
Banshee's Veil is always great to counter offensive abilities. Force of Nature might be needed against a magic heavy team.

I would never buy FoN on Caitlyn. Or any mostly squishy carry. As defense, against magic-heavy or normal comp, Banshee's.
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User Info: joonyoungie

6 years ago#4
Runes: hmm i like runes Thalandor46 picked i would go same except maybe quints if u go movespeed instead of deso it makes it alot easier to chase people down and make sure you are in the best position for your ace in the hole while the low hp guy is running back to base.
Summoner Skills: Most ranged AD goes Flash + Ghost, but i like ignite instead ghost, ignite works great with your ulti, find the low hp guy ignite then ace in the hole, if he survives the snipe usually the ignite will finish him, this is great for laning phase
Items: I highly disagree with the items here

Dorans Blade (get two if you get an early kill)
BF Sword
Boots of Swiftness or Bezerker
Recurve Bow x2
Starks(you can trade Starks for Wits End if magic is killing you more than physical or if you're team is winning by alot get Sword of Devine works great with your passive)
Frozen Mallet

This high lifesteal and attack speed will allow u to actually "sit" there and shoot people and not have to do too much kiting, I've 1v1'd against a Yi and a Trynd before with this build and won. If you find yourself alone and there is a melee DPS running at you with this build just run to the nearest bush, sit inside wait for them to come and stand there and shoot them, Q everytime CD is up and drop traps where they are standing after a while they will notice you're not dying and they are and try to run, press R ...GG. This method also works for teamfights. It seems silly but everytime you're about to fight look for a bush to hide in. And if you find yourself loosing net+flash and they are too far to catch up.

User Info: Thalandor46

6 years ago#5
Honestly, I forgot about the Wit's update. That would almost certainly be my magic resist piece in high nuke games now. I've never actually found myself in a situation as Cait where I felt FoN was necessary. Was more so there for example, and I stand by my overall point.

And of course, I'm not insisting that my build is right either. Just fits my personal playstyle best. To the TC, take all the info you can get, try different things, and figure out what works best for you :)
"Give a man a fish, and he'll eat for a day. Give a man two fish, and he'll eat for two days."

User Info: soccerkidd712

6 years ago#6
runes: desolation and clarity.

item build:
doran's blade
boots of swiftness (helps with kiting) OR 'serks greaves
b.f. sword -> thirster
dancer (this can be done before the 2nd thirster)
infinite edge
situational item (either a whisper, cleaver, 3rd thirster [you can solo a turret, hitting minions to regain life], 2nd dancer, banshee's veil).

i follow this build and i'm generally incredibly successful. even if the team doesn't win, i almost always end up at least 2-1 in kd, with a stupid amount of assists. make sure you fill those thirsters. another option, if you're good, is to screw doran's and take a long sword into sword of the occult. i just feel guilty selling it and losing stacks.

if you wanna troll just follow this build:
long sword
boots of swiftness or 'serks greaves
either infinity edge or... that's right... tiamat. i melted an annie by shooting minion. twas awesome.
psn & lol: choffers
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