Mid-/Long-Range Tank?

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User Info: Mystic_Jeff

6 years ago#1
Hi guys.
A buddy of mine is looking to try out a tank in LoL, but he can't settle on one.
What he's looking for is something mid or long ranged tank that doesn't suck up mana.
After suggesting Garen, and maybe Nasus, I get

"no. y can't there b a ranged tank that doesn't need mana and has a passive that gives some kinda offense from armor or mr or something"

So, who would you suggest?
The best ones that came to mind for me were Rammus, Galio, and Garen.
But none fit what he's looking for.

User Info: SupaPowers

6 years ago#2
A ranged tank.

That's like an oxymoron.
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User Info: Mystic_Jeff

6 years ago#3
That's what I said.
I'm asking here, in case I've missed something or someone else has any ideas.
I do try to be helpful lol.

User Info: Zilean

6 years ago#4
Sounds like tanky ap champs are more his forte.
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User Info: R_Jackal

6 years ago#5
Closest thing to it would be Cho'gath or Gragas.

User Info: jalm94

6 years ago#6
A ranged tank.

That's like an oxymoron.


Ranged autoattacks only really affect laning phase. Urgot's tanky and ranged. I have had many many ideas for ranged tanks which are all probably equally terrible.
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User Info: Awesome_Bastard

6 years ago#7
shen ,,,, he can ult in from a long range

tank + flash
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User Info: CaoXing

6 years ago#8
He would enjoy The Old Republic coming out this fall, the troopers there can be tanks(which I'm looking forward to play)
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User Info: NDN_Shadow

6 years ago#9
If he wants to play someone with a lot of survivability at range, I'd recommend Swain. He can get mana hungry if you keep his ult open for too long, but his passive can keep his mana at near full most of the time.

User Info: Sanuro

6 years ago#10
Maybe Galio?
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