Do 5v5 give you more xp then 3v3's ?

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  3. Do 5v5 give you more xp then 3v3's ?

User Info: djkdjk801

6 years ago#1
Or whats the best way to gain levels and XP ? I have XP boost purchased does anyone know any tricks or playing npcs or ??

User Info: alvinxie

6 years ago#2
Just play normal games. EXP is based off time played in a round.
People actually buy exp boosts?

User Info: wawawario

6 years ago#3
it is time based
also if you win you get a small bonus
longer=more ip

User Info: Reikken

6 years ago#4
They give the same, as xp (and IP) is only determined by game length. That said, 5v5s are usually longer.
No, I don't think so. Maybe.

User Info: scotted4

6 years ago#5
If your making a smurf it takes a LOOOOOOOOONG time to get from 1-30.
GamF@qs = Large amounts of text and merry-goround- debates that normally end with going off topic and talking about something that nobody cares about --Lambent7

User Info: cuban69

6 years ago#6
Isn't it like -10% for map?
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  3. Do 5v5 give you more xp then 3v3's ?

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