How long to level 30?

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User Info: Whacko Jacko

Whacko Jacko
5 years ago#1
I'm pretty new to this game, still learning the ropes and whatnot. So far 37-30 so at level 15.

The thing is... dealing with all the noobs in random solo queues. Half the time I end up carrying the game (wtf?!). Most of my losses are from when I queue with my level 30 friends and get far outclassed and just can't compete in the early game where the runes/masteries make a difference.

So really, how long/how many games does it take on average to hit 30? I asked my friends and they're just like "you'll get there soon enough" meanwhile its like WTF at all the bads that rage and just want to do dumb stuff.

User Info: kanated123

5 years ago#2
There are plenty of baddies at lvl 30. Depending on your win rate you might get to play with good players or not.

User Info: Whacko Jacko

Whacko Jacko
5 years ago#3
I end up playing against higher level players most of the time, but I usually get raped in the early game by a TINY sliver. I am usually solo top too so that probably doesn't help. Its just like... wtf... when people have more experience then me but they want to do completely illogical things.

Example: Last game a Ryze was pinging baron the entire game since the point of level 12 or so, when the entire enemy team was up and their teemo had a million shrooms all over the top lane/top half of our jungle. At three minutes into the game he said "you guys are bad, looks like I'll have to carry this game", then proceeded to go 6 and 18.

User Info: Teh_Murmur

5 years ago#4
If you win 10 in a row you get bumped to level 30 automatically.
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User Info: Fatesadvent

5 years ago#5
I think about 200 games total to level 30 (very rough estimate). You can always play customs and coop for awhile.

User Info: g-cube_masta

5 years ago#6
Nothing much changes when you hit 30.

The only thing you might notice is junglers in every game since even after the changes I think pre-30 junglers aren't that common.

User Info: Jordo_d

5 years ago#7
Teh_Murmur posted...
If you win 10 in a row you get bumped to level 30 automatically.

would be legit if it were true
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User Info: MonsterOwnerz

5 years ago#8
Took me 2 months from October to December. The only major changes are the masteries and runes give you can easier early game, but if the play normals when you're level 30, you'll get matched with lvl 30's too.
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