Whoever said Riven is a counter to AD Sion is a Liar.

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  3. Whoever said Riven is a counter to AD Sion is a Liar.

User Info: 1337_FF_GoD

5 years ago#1
Dat stun.
"You guys complain too much" - 1337_FF_GoD
Official Complainer of PotD

User Info: anilEhilated

5 years ago#2
which one
For who could ever...?

User Info: ritz2

5 years ago#3
Riven should never get caught and can chase very well
The only time sion should kill riven is when he ults but riven can just run

User Info: pabIito

5 years ago#4

everyone is a counter to ad sion in lane, he's garbage until he gets items and farm
then late game he has some of the highest dps while being tanky and lifestealing everything back

User Info: Ultima_Weapon33

5 years ago#5
Every top counters AD Sion.
You'll see - Eternal love, that's what this is
This feeling that I just cannot resist... OD

User Info: Varg_BURZUM

5 years ago#6
She should beat him in lane. It's a lategame duel where she should lose.
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User Info: happyscrub1

5 years ago#7
1337_FF_GoD posted...
Dat stun.

Sion stun cost so much mana, it's hilarious fighting him and making him go oom in a blink of an eye.
Question, how did world trade center building 7 (the -3rd- building to fall) collapse during 9/11?

User Info: kanated123

5 years ago#8
Get stunned + shield bursted for 400 hp because he has no AP
proceed to kill him afterwards because he can't run away from you and is garbage without his combo or a full AD build
auto attack some creeps and get all that hp back

Seriously, people have trouble against AD sion?
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  3. Whoever said Riven is a counter to AD Sion is a Liar.

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