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User Info: earthmaster191

5 years ago#1
I play a lot of Ahri and I was just wondering if there are any really good counters to her I should be aware of. I know Swain is pretty hard mid lane as is a good Cass. Other than that, other champs like Lux, Malz, Morg, Fizz, and Brand seem pretty easy to out lane if I play aggressive with my Q. Perhaps Galio could shut Ahri down?
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User Info: oKillerkid

5 years ago#2
Hopefully you see the palindrome.

User Info: g-cube_masta

5 years ago#3
Galio and Leblanc are auto counters against most mids

although Leblanc less so vs. Ahri since Ahri can build first item Abyssal and not even miss a step.

Galio doesn't matter though cause all you do is push like he pushes and your lane is neutral.

Then you gank and get kills since he's a supermagetank.
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User Info: casperrulez

5 years ago#4
Swan dives murder her
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User Info: MrGible

5 years ago#5
Veigar. Rape cage + R.
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User Info: aHappySacka

5 years ago#6
Annie and Viktor can be potential threats.
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User Info: omisfly

5 years ago#7
I've beat an Ahri with Brand before a couple of times.

I mostly stood behind my minions to avoid her taunt and started boots so i can easily avoid that Q of hers while I just drop a W or a E first to get the increased damage on W. I get wary once she gets her ult though since now it gets tricky to place my skills seeing as she can dance all over but if I bait her into using it and wasting it....

User Info: dasmesee

5 years ago#8
anyone that can snare her:


Ryze is the best to use for her imo Rune prison> unleash attack chain of spells>dead Ahri

User Info: narutofan72

5 years ago#9
dasmesee posted...
anyone that can snare her:


Ryze is the best to use for her imo Rune prison> unleash attack chain of spells>dead Ahri

I feel that Ahri should beat ryze really easily. Sure, he can snare over minions, but any good Ahri would have the positioning so that if you do, you're going to get charmed immediately afterwards. Once the charm hits, you're taking a lot of damage.

I don't care what anyone says about veiger, he should never win a lane.

Swain, I'll admit is a hard match up for ahri...swain has to make multiple mistakes for Ahri to win this.

Lux is in Ahri's favor, as long as you're not snared you're fine...if you do get snared you're taking at least half health, if not all of it. Post 6 Ahri should dominate though.

Snare's don't really beat Ahri for the most part cause she can just charm whoever snared her...it takes hard CC or snares + a gank beat her... but I mean, that beats pretty much everyone bar olaf anyways.
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User Info: G0dSlay3r

5 years ago#10
MrGible posted...
Veigar. Rape cage + R.

Then the Ahri gets Mercury's/Abyssal and stomps you into the ground.

Most people actually underestimate Ahri's AA range. It's nothing super-special at 550 range, but still helps you a lot.
Especially vs Veigar, who has 525 AA range.

Hell, lately i've been taking flat AD reds and quints on most ranged mages and just push everyone out of the lane whenever i want to.

Most mid players just don't have armor. First they "lol!" because you have literally 0 AP at lvl 1, then they "lol?" when you get them so low at lvl 3 that a simple spell combo finishes them off.

Works on other mages too, not just Ahri.
Actually works especially well on Annie since she has 625 range. Sometimes when Kassadin doesn't get banned and someone picks him as mid vs my Annie, i just lulz.
Aside from his burst, he is melee. And most Kass players just don't consider how much AA's can impact them.
Most of them end up severely underfarmed before they even reach lvl 6.

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