League of Legends vs. Heroes of Newerth

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User Info: chaos_wizard

7 years ago#61
Played LoL for a lil, because I didn't get a beta for HoN for a while(... can't believe it) but had one for LoL for some reason
Really liked it and all,
but just by chance, I saw S2Mercenary on skype and begged HARD for an key (didn't get one)
but Merc did asked around a few Savage2 players who had key and secured me an invite =]
Then ... BOOM...
Fell in LOVE with HoN XD(in fact I repurchased just a few week.. or month? ago)

It does take a lil to get used to the graphics, since it really is a big messy and hard to see at first, because I was way too used to the dota/LoL style graphics...
but afterward... HoN was just much more enjoyable and funny...
I mean... Every1 at S2 games seem to have very good sense of humor!


User Info: Fearzone

7 years ago#62

Haven't tried HoN but I'm having a blast with LoL. Overall design is pleasantly retro and mostly cute.

I just wanted to say something about VanOrd's review; I wish there was room for comments under the review itself. Mostly I like his reviews and his points on this one are true enough. But the game has BETA written all over it. If it truly was a release version right now yeah it deserves a 6 regardless of how promising it might be, and I appreciate how in other games he rates what we are getting (i.e. Demigod, Champions Online), not what the potential for the game might be, as some game reviewers elsewhere do.

But we are playing a beta, and if anyone has done the slightest bit of reseach on it they should know that and be playing it for free. Whereupon it is a smoking hot deal. Anyway, just wanted to say. It has beta written everywhere. If they are selling boxes in the store as release versions, well, okay bad dog... no biscuit!!

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