Trading HoN Beta Key for LoL Beta Key

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User Info: SavvyDragon

8 years ago#21
I have a couple of HoN keys and I'd like to try LoL. Please reply or email me at if interested

User Info: Boxcar12

8 years ago#22
Anyone have another HON key to trade for my LOL invite? let me know
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User Info: nikos96

8 years ago#23
hey man i have a lol acount that i can give you for your hon beta key...are you interested?

User Info: FrUiTyDeLiCiOuS

8 years ago#24

Me and my bro are playing LoL beta currently and i wanted to try HoN so i will send you 2 LoL beta keys for the HoN keys. or if you have a lol key already could you have someone you know who has an extra hit me up with an HoN key thanks would be awsome.

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User Info: Blood_of_Sokar

8 years ago#25
What is HoN?
PSN: Vallanthaz
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User Info: v1cviper

8 years ago#26
I have 5 LoL beta keys..
Who want to trade it with hon beta key ?
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  3. Trading HoN Beta Key for LoL Beta Key

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