so im loving this game but im really worried...

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  3. so im loving this game but im really worried...

User Info: Exorte

7 years ago#11
draget posted...
Allistar (Melee beast, don't play dota, so not sure what he's comparable to.

All champion in LoL are created from the root. They avoid to make copys from other DotA like games.

User Info: Exorte

7 years ago#12
SkyWard20 posted...

I'd like to know if Riot Games has plans to add champions or spells in the future that will be exclusively available through microtransactions. I've read the FAQ on the LoL website and this is still slightly unclear to me.

You can unlock thing FASTER by buying. If you didn't buy you will need Influence point (gain every game depending on profromance) to unlock thing. You can also buy Skin for Champions to make they look different.

User Info: Exorte

7 years ago#13
CrazedMalarite posted...
Has it been decided/announced which heroes will be the 'starter' heroes

There are rumor that it will be random 6 champion per week. But offcial never gave us any info on this.

User Info: myuz

7 years ago#14
There was actually a discussion about this on the beta forums, and they basically said:

Riot points will buy you the following -

XP/IP boosts (50%/100%/200% etc for 1-14 days) (ip = influence points, it's the other currency besides riot points).

Characters (Which can also be bought with IP, but it's a way to unlock them faster)

Runes (Again, buyable with IP, but faster way to get 'em)

Skins for characters.

Currently these are the main ideas, they could probably add in more stuff in the future, but nothing that gives players advantages while playing, only cosmetics and convenience.

User Info: Kh1ndjal

7 years ago#15
i was worried too. then i read the official FAQ on the official page. then everything became crystal clear.

im not worried anymore

love the game, btw!
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  3. so im loving this game but im really worried...

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