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User Info: Mihiail

8 years ago#1
so a buddy of mine told me I need to try this game, I went and got my beta key, entered a match, and got thoroughly trashed every time I turned around. Ended up going something like 0/11/0 before I finally said "screw this" and left.

I've watched him play DotA back in the day but never got an honest chance to try it.

Any tips from those have been through this before? I want to play but I want to be effective and not what I was referred to as, a "Feeder" (which I assume means I was a free kill every time I got noticed).
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User Info: BornGamer

8 years ago#2

I started playing a couple days ago with zero DoTA experience and got tore into quite a few times by my team-mates at the start so I know exactly how you feel.

When people refer to you as a feeder, they literally mean you are feeding the enemy team because every time they kill you they all get XP and gold. When I found this out I felt bad for dying so much. LOL.

The most important thing to do as a beginner is to create custom games where you just play with and against bots so you can get a good feel for the game and/or whatever champion(s) you like the look of.

I strongly recommend reading this guide especially "Step 6: Towers". Once you understand how towers work (they attack you if you attack an enemy champion regardless of whether you have friendly minions nearby) you will immediately minimize the amount of times you die.

As a noob, I recommend playing as ranged champions so you can stay at the back and try to keep your distance. I really like Janna because she can throw a shield on team-mates when they run in for the kill and throw out a tornado that damages and briefly stuns enemies in a line. Her "ultimate" ability is an AoE knockback that heals yourself and any nearby team-mates over time which is a blast to use when the right moment arises. Since everyone else probably knows what they're doing better than you do, it makes sense to play a support class so you can keep them alive.

Hope this helps, and good luck! :)

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