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User Info: FFdestiny

8 years ago#1
So, I'm pretty darn new to these types of games and as a result, I've realized I'm miserable at them. Can anyone give me some good starting pointers as to the do's and don'ts of this type of game? Also, does anyone have any default 'builds' for any newb-friendly characters because having a starting point as to what I should be putting points into and what items I should be buying would help put things into perspective for me. Thanks dudes.
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User Info: Voidgolem

8 years ago#2
Pick Ryze/Ashe/Teemo/Warwick

Don't be foolish around towers.

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User Info: gary_fo

8 years ago#3

That's a good beginning guide written by Pendragon, one of the creators of LoL.

A few tips of my own (not sure if they're in there, or if you're too lazy to read through all of it)

-Boots should always be your second basic item. In other words, you should typically start with some regen (meki pendant for example), then boots next. Movespeed is extremely important in this game.

-Towers are extremely strong, especially early game when it takes 3-4 shots to kill you dead. So, you want to try to avoid getting hit by enemy towers, and try to get your towers to hit enemy champions. To do this, understand tower aggro. Towers will typically shoot the closest minion to them. However, if you damage an enemy champion in anyway while close to their tower, it will target you. In other words, get enemy heroes to attack you while in range of your towers, and don't attack enemy champions when in range of their towers.

-If you don't know what you're doing, tell people. Follow people around when you're starting off (never lane alone if you're new). If they fall back to the tower, fall back to the tower. If they start attacking an enemy champion, you should probably help them attack that enemy champion. In other words, let them make the decisions, while you help them, and learn from them for the future.

-Play conservatively. Dying many times is referred to as feeding, because you're feeding enemy heroes gold. It is more important not to feed them than it is to kill them. So, don't attack an enemy hero unless you have the clear advantage (like if you have another hero waiting in the grass to 'gank' them) Like I said before, you should probably wait for the more experienced player to make the first move.

This is coming from a year's worth of DotA, and way too much LoL in the past week. These are some of the things that I see new players do that get them killed and ruin teams. Like I said with the boots, if I see they have 2 completed items and no boots, I can look at their kill/death/assist, and it's typically something like 0/8/0. If nothing else, don't be too proud. Tell people up front you're new, and they'll be more willing to help you out in the early game, as opposed to you feeding their Master Yi 8 kills and screwing over the entire team because you soloed a lane your first game ever.
(no sarcasm in this message, just to be completely clear, except sarcasm about the need to point out sarcasm in message board posts)

User Info: FFdestiny

8 years ago#4
Thanks so much guys. The info. really helped. I have actually started to do okay in the past couple of matches.
Console wars are the product of poor families that can't afford to buy their children all three consoles.

User Info: swizardrules

8 years ago#5
About the boots, it's almost always the best strategy. If you team up, and go for straight begin game damage/health, then for example, I prefer getting Philospher stone first, then 'The Rod of Ages' and THEN the boots. This might not give me the ability to run away, but the extra hp/mana/ap makes sure that with a teammate, I don't need to. Boots are almost always the best choice as second item, but almost isn't always.

User Info: swizardrules

8 years ago#6
Sorry for the double post, but as that strategy is for Blitzkrank

User Info: woonsa

8 years ago#7
so is there a stop command, this is a dota copy cat game right? Is there a better way to last hit those minions?

User Info: Motafication

8 years ago#8
At all costs do not die. It is the worst thing you can do.

Just by concentrating on this rule you will get better. Be cautious. Play long enough and you will develop the DoTA sixth sense, where you can feel the ganks coming before they happen and avoid them like a jedi.

User Info: anilEhilated

8 years ago#9
It's called "watching the minimap".
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User Info: The_White_Whale

8 years ago#10
These are all good tips! Especially the boots tip. I've been playing dota for years and LoL for the past month so I definitely understand how frustrating it can be to newer players. Here's a few things I would recommend to you as a newer player:

-Play as a ranged character: There are many reasons why playing as a ranged character is advantageous to a new player. Firstly, you can attack from a safe distance without having to be in the thick of combat. This allows you to 'last hit' mobs for gold easier and push towers with more efficiently while taking minimal to no damage. You can also slowly chip away enemy melee champions by just attacking them a few times from your secure distance. This also makes running away a lot easier as you'll already have some distance between you and an enemy (especially with boots). A ranged champion can also chase very easily. Your regular ranged attack will make chasing a lot easier (especially if you have a way to slow your opponent with items and spells like exhaust, Frozen Mallet, and Ashe's Frost Arrow). I would recommend to a new player to play as either Ashe, Twitch, Tristana, and Teemo in that order.

-Stick with one or two champions: If you just want to learn the game and get better I would recommend spending a lot of time with only one or two champions. This way you can get a good feel for their respective play style as well as item builds and team strategies. As you get more comfortable with your favorite champion you'll begin to learn more advanced tactics and more risky moves. Once you feel you have a good handle on a character or two then you can start trying new characters out.

-Stay away from magic champions: Although they are some of the most powerful champions in the game, magic champions can be a little more difficult to learn. Most of them have little health and armor and don't become very powerful until mid to late game. Furthermore, many of the magic champions have slightly more complex combos and play styles than say, warwick, teemo, ashe, or twitch. Once you feel like you've got a good grasp on the game then go ahead and try out some casters.

-Understand which items are good on which champions: Items are a huge part of the game and knowing which items are ideal for which characters will let you be aware of what to watch out for. You can always see both your allies and enemies item inventory just by left-clicking on them and looking at their portrait on the Interface. This is also even more important for your champion and your gold management. You should know ahead of time which items you want to eventually get and go for those items, only adjusting if you really need to. (a good example of an adjustment would be to go for a little more magic resist if you're facing a team of 2 or 3 magic nukers like Veigar, Annie, or Ryze). You got to know which stats you want to maximize and which ones you want to minimize. For example let's say you're playing as Ashe. Ashe is a ranged hero who can slow down opponents with 3 abilities: frost shot, volley, and enchanted crystal arrow. With three ways to slow opponents there really isn't any need for an item like Frozen Mallet. Furthermore, we don't need insane movement speed as our slowing abilities should be more than enough to allow us catch up and chase any enemy champion we want to gank. What she does need is damage, attack speed, crit, and maybe a little mana regen so we can shoot off frost shots without going oom every 5 secs. So items like Phantom Dancer, Berserker's Greaves, and Infinity Edge are all items that would suit Ashe well. Conversely, you would typically want to stay away from items with a ton of AP, mana regen, or mana.
**One last note on items: It's usually a good idea to grab one defensive item for you character. Something with armor and health. On a ranged character items like Banshee's Veil, Force of Nature, Frozen Heart, and Doran's shield are all decent defensive items just to name a few
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