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User Info: HosedAndHappy

7 years ago#11
I don't see how you can have any success playing that way. Ambush needs to be maxed asap. It's the key to anything you want to do with Twitch and even if you're not having success against the other teams heroes it's the only thing you've got to help you farm with.
I really can't see any reason to get anything besides Malady first. It's cheap, it's a great boost to attack speed, the debuff helps with early gank attempts and it's all the health regen you'll need.
I also can't see why you wouldn't want to solo with Twitch. Even if you're against a decent player in the middle you'll be outleveling the people in the outer lanes which leads to fairly easy ganking once you get your ultimate. Just make sure you're being patient.
I used to wait to get expunge until last but recently I've been trying it out. It does decent damage early but I'm finding it a little too mana intensive and think I'll stick to pumping the slow first. I've also started using the boots of mobility. It leaves me a little under 2 attacks/second at the end but zipping around the map is awesome as Twitch.
I know it's pretty damn weird to eat people.

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