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User Info: starrk

7 years ago#1
is a cutiepie. Discuss.

In other news, I want to try a new champ. But I'm worried too much Veigar has artificially inflated my personal rating, and I'll crash and burn when I try somebody new. It's a hard life.
All men must die. But first we'll live.

User Info: stonewall_hero

7 years ago#2
You could try a hero with a similar style or average match ups. Veigar has strong match ups against plenty of heroes but piss poor ones against others (Tryndamere).

Either that or try some of the noob heroes (easy to play difficult to master)
Sometimes you can become so predictable you become unpredictable

User Info: anilEhilated

7 years ago#3
Try Udyr, since no one else will bother with him.
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User Info: eating4fun

7 years ago#4
people often leave during champion selection when someone selects Udyr. However, one time, some guy on my team switched to Udyr at 1 second left during he countdown. i found it very funny. nevertheless, we lost.

User Info: stonewall_hero

7 years ago#5
Some players have found a way to make Udyr next to unkillable and annoying. He's more like a fly that you can't swat away but he won't really harm you- he just won't leave you alone. He can tank most anything but he can't really assist in any way shape or form so he kind of fails at that.
Sometimes you can become so predictable you become unpredictable

User Info: simcowking

7 years ago#6
Ryze = similar to veigar in the essence he has an AOE attack (sorta in a way... Blue Ball of death). He has a stun (his snare >__>), he has a regular nuke (overload i think its called), the only big difference is his ult causes splash instead of being another nuke. But still he's built for being a mage which is veigars main goal.

Of course mage = mage isn't for sure being played similar.

Anivia is another very strong mage.

I don't play as the mage classes though, so how similar the play style will be is not certain. Just know they're all strong mages :D (same survivability, although anivia I hear is literally impossible to kill late game, but haven't seen it played out yet. But I figure Guardian Angle + Egg = unlimited health basically...)

Yup yup

User Info: Froggie48

7 years ago#7
Except Trist can still rocket jump while in Ryze's snare. I would bet the Jax can still do his jump as well, along with other similar "escape" methods. Therefore Veigar is better with the stun.
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User Info: starrk

7 years ago#8
Yeah, Ryze and especially Annie play somewhat similar to Veigar imo. I can do fine with them, but they don't really feel different enough. I think Amumu's probably going to my man. Or maaaybe Morgana. Skill shots are cool.
All men must die. But first we'll live.

User Info: Odd_man

7 years ago#9
I'd honestly suggest switching from veigar to someone else as personally I think he'd be on my bottom half of heroes (and nobody picks him in my games) as a single target caster which isn't even remotely useful against Tryn(the current rigged everyone play him hero) isn't worth much as you climb the ELO ladder. I think out of all the casters I see played, Annie or Kassadin are probably the most played (though I suck with Annie) as ghostwalk Annies are actually very deadly. And really her spells are almost identical to veigar except hers have superior cooldowns and her ult is aoe which is a huge minus on Veigar's side as he has huge difficulties cleaning up. (Unless his hero page on the site is actually correct and his ult for some reason is on a 10 second cd but then again that site is horrible at listing anything outside of the forum)

User Info: starrk

7 years ago#10
Shrug. I've played 150+ games since beta, won maybe 40 of my last 50, and the vast majority of the time post excellent K/D numbers. Average is maybe 10-2-10 or so, and even in losses, I'm almost always better than 1:1. And I do that without needing to solo, like most of the truly dominant Annies do.

First of all, any hero with a lengthy, ranged, AOE stun on a fairly short cooldown is incredibly useful in team battles. And uh yeah, being able to do 2500+ damage instantly to any enemy caster is handy too. Much more so than the same damage split among 3 or 4 targets. Your Annie's going to have trouble doing much if I can one-shot her. Also, Dark Matter becomes a lot more useful in team battles too. It's much harder to avoid in the chaos (and if you get hit by it, its devastating), and the mere threat of it can force people to scatter a little bit and thus make mistakes.

Plus, put Veigar with a decent finisher and he can be a nightmare for almost anybody early game. Heavy nuke on demand with low mana cost? Yes please. Stun to set up or finish the gank? Yes please. Much more dangerous than Annie who will go oom if she tries to harass too much, and whose stuns are telegraphed way in advance.

I think you just have seen bad Veigars, of which there are admittedly many. Too many people follow a certain guide which gives the terrible advice of focusing on Dark Matter.
All men must die. But first we'll live.

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