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User Info: stonewall_hero

7 years ago#11
Exactly- I saw a guide to using veigar and I couldn't do crap. However, when I did my own study on him I found how powerful he could be. He's very good at harassing early game and becomes a huge nuisance later on.

He's still squishy and if he gets jumped he's as good as dead but good veigars will sit in the back or with a powerful ally and destroy any opposition.

His stun is also incredibly useful. It can split the enemy team apart, keep them at bay or lock them into position for an AoE damage fest. Veigar and Anivia are an incredibly deadly duo.
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User Info: Frost_borne

7 years ago#12
My ears bleed with Veigar's sinful, soul-grating voice acting.
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User Info: zileas2

7 years ago#13
play nidalee

she's live now..

User Info: KamHo

7 years ago#14
Stick with him if you're good with him.
My grip with this game is the rune system - by buying certain runes, you're forced to keep playing the same select group of heroes over and over again.

That's alright if you really like a certain hero (like myself) however, it doesn't give people the option to try out others. For example, playing a caster means you're forced to do AP builds for other characters (because of your runes). I wish they'd make an option where you can pay to refund runes.

User Info: Vordrax

7 years ago#15
First of all, any hero with a lengthy, ranged, AOE stun on a fairly short cooldown is incredibly useful in team battles. And uh yeah, being able to do 2500+ damage instantly to any enemy caster is handy too. Much more so than the same damage split among 3 or 4 targets. Your Annie's going to have trouble doing much if I can one-shot her. Also, Dark Matter becomes a lot more useful in team battles too. It's much harder to avoid in the chaos (and if you get hit by it, its devastating), and the mere threat of it can force people to scatter a little bit and thus make mistakes.

I love Veigar. His personality, his style, his spells. That being said, I often find that Annie is far more dangerous. Her AoE is instant, and she will fire off more AoE stuns in a fight than Veigar will, with more reliability. She's the only nuker, that I can think of, with a large-ish AoE stun available for level 1 team fights near the buffs/dragon. With Deathfire Grasp, she can nuke anyone as hard as Veigar can, and with greater frequency.

When I see a well-played Veigar (and you can tell, because they'll nail you on the edge of Event Horizon almost every time,) I salute them. But I always wonder how much more dangerous they would have been on Annie.

(As an aside, if Annie is shut down early, she feels weak late-game, whereas Veigar can farm up the difference of a few early deaths. Annie, however, tends to be much more deadly from 1-6 than Veigar is.)
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User Info: gamegamer20

7 years ago#16
any tips for him.
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User Info: anilEhilated

7 years ago#17
Veigar? Go baleful/dark matter with one level of event horizon on 2 or 4. Lasthit with baleful. Get soulstealer. Get deathfire. Profit.
Really, he's a pretty simple hero.
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