Nasus builds?

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User Info: anilEhilated

7 years ago#1
Pretty much what the title says. I like this guy's style, but can't seem to get him to work; haven't won a game as him since the beta. Build I've been using is wither/siphon/siphon/fire/siphon/fury/finish siphon, finish fire finish wither with fury whenever possible, and sunfire/stark/trinity for items. I can usually get around 120 damage on siphon if I'm soloing, less if I'm with someone; while that may not be much, I don't think it's just my lasthitting that ultimately fails me. So...what am I doing wrong? Builds, tips, tricks?
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User Info: AsucaHayashi

7 years ago#2

i too failed horribly with nasus.. kept farming and was decently lvled but still didn't manage to get a kill with a few assists and lots of deaths.

User Info: Kiba002

7 years ago#3
Get SS first then SF and don't get wither until after you get fury. Make sure to kill the minions with SS too.
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User Info: NinjaBoyLao

7 years ago#4
Get one point of SS(to last hit) and one point on Wither(to escape a possible early gank or save a team mate) them max Spirit Fire. Then max SS and level up Wither last. Level up ulti whenever possible

Start with regrowth pendant. Farm. You don't need an early kill. You only need to Farm and level up to 11 really fast(he's lvl1 ulti isn't that really good compared to the last 2 levels). At lvl 11 and beyond he can destroy both Jax and Tryn ALONE.

Get Berserker Greaves, Spirit Visage,Starks and Tri Force.

One mistake of most Nasus I see and do during my early Nasus days was popping up Ulti/SF on team fight and just stand there tanking damage. Nasus is better built as DPS because with good DPS he can double as semi tank.

With your SS ,TriForce and SF you are dealing 300-400 damage per hit. And you heal 200-ish hp because of your passive and stark. Beat that.

Nasus ulti is overpowered, Abuse it.

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User Info: NameUsedBefore

7 years ago#5
I build him as an offensive tank.

Ninja Tabi.
Soul Shroud.

That's my ordinary build and from there it depends on who I am facing. If they have someone like Yi or Tryndamere I pick up Warden's Mail and/or Thornmail too; if it's a lot of magic users then get magic resist, etc.

In terms of skills, I go:

Ult --> Spirit Fire --> Wither --> Siphon Strike

SS doesn't really need more than 1-point until later as it still gathers lots of damage in the meantime.

I find myself quite balanced between durability, and being able to seriously hurt people with this build. I try to save the ultimate specifically for teamfights where I AOE the ground, Wither their hardest hitting person (Yi, etc.), then just go around smashing the weakest.
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