Character questions and item build

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User Info: Jagerdelights

8 years ago#1
I'm using Teemo and Jax, for Teemo I'm going for a dmg build witch means high attack rate and damage items. For Jax I'm improving his dodge and damage to keep people in a stun lock. I need help for early game. What items should I be getting to have the upper hand with teemo or jax.

For my second question I have teemo and Jax, one range dps and one melee dps. I want to use a mage type character that has good AoE and can also function as a ganker. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Thanks in advanced.

User Info: Jeev-

8 years ago#2
You main the same two characters as me...

Um... I like teemo the most and I usually go for...

- Dorans Shield (or possibly philosophers...)
- Boots (Mercs or possibly the ones with increased attack speed... Depends who you're up against)
- Malady (possibly Starks)
- Black Cleaver

then I might go for Frozen Mallet or possibly extra attack speed / damage...

Note: I'm not Pro or anything but it might be worth trying out...

User Info: EnygmaSoul

8 years ago#3
If you're looking for a solid combination of AoE and ganking ability on a mage type, there's a couple of options. You'll likely want to stay away from Ryze, who although a ganking mage, is mostly single target oriented. Three solid people to consider, though, are:

Veigar - the anti-mage mage. He likes to initiate with his stun cage, which can be tricky to get the hang of aiming. If you learn to use it properly, though, it can buy you enough time to secure a hit with his AoE skill, followed by his two single target nukes. Veigar's damage also scales with his opponent's mana pool, and he siphens AP from nearby enemies, which is what secures his anti-caster title.

Morgana - A well played Morgana can be one of the most obnoxious and fearsome characters in the game, producing as much wall-banging frustration as the likes of Cho'Gath. She has a decent AoE damage over time spell that serves as a top-rate farming and pushing tool, a single target damage over time that immobilizes the target, and an ultimate that deals significant aoe damage twice - and stuns, if you keep the targets in range long enough. The catch is that her immobilization move is a skillshot and will hit the first target - character or minion - that it impacts. Consequently, it takes a bit of practice until you can initiate ganks well with her. Even more so than with Veigar.
Oh, and her last skill? One of the strongest defensive buffs in the game.

Fiddlesticks - Fiddlesticks is NOT a nuker. He's a disabler. He uses an AoE "chain lightning' style move to silence people, a single target fear to leave them helpless, and a single target lifedrain to do most of his damage. Before level 6. What happens at level 6? He gets Crowstorm, his ultimate. Once Fiddlesticks has Crowstorm, he becomes a massive source of AoE damage: he simply channels it for three seconds, teleports to the location he clicked, and proceeds to do AoE damage in a very wide area every second he stands there. Big ol aura of death, basically. The catch is the time delay on Crowstorm means it's best used from an ambush position, and it can be hard to aim into a crowd of champions if they keep moving. Given the lengthy cooldown, learning when and where to use Crowstorm (so as not to waste it) is the first thing a Fiddle player needs to learn.

Hope that helps.

User Info: anilEhilated

8 years ago#4
Annie might fit in there.
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User Info: Wildfire39

8 years ago#5
Annie has a great AOE stun, actually 2: one is great one is meh

Her Summon Tibbers move combined with her passive stun can almost guarantee a successful gank unless the opponent has both a cleanse and a get-a-away quick move. The only downside is that it has a pretty bad CD. I haven't tried her recently, so I'm going to experiment with some more CD reduction see if that helps.
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User Info: EnygmaSoul

8 years ago#6
I'll agree on the annie suggestions. I can't believe I forgot to mention her when I was compiling my list.

Really, the only drawbacks to Annie is that one of her aoes involves getting in much closer than other casters to function, and the fact that her stun isn't always available and has to be planned around. Once you learn to work around those - very easy learning curves - she's quite the little powerhouse and would suit your purposes perfectly.

User Info: Odd_man

8 years ago#7
Annie's is probably the best aoe stun in the game as it has the lowest cooldown in the game. It also gets even better with cooldown reduction items as the cd reduction is actually applied several times for her stun which means she could probably get 3+ stuns before veigar gets a 2nd one in. Right now, I'd easily say Annie or Anivia are by far the best casters. Personally I think Morgana has lost her role completely since the shield nerf and the rise of the carry. Almost every high (3+ top 50s) ELO team I face relies completely on a carry and having guys like alistar support them. In fact I maybe see morgana once every 20 games now.
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