Ryze Skin

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User Info: manecofigo

7 years ago#11
do you still have skins to give out?
i use ryze all the time having other skin would be awesome xP

User Info: Jeev-

7 years ago#12
Yay, I like Ryze now =D
Getting better at him!
Also... e-mail method?

User Info: anilEhilated

7 years ago#13
If you have one left, hit me on mchmela@seznam.cz.
It's pretty spam-proof, few bots hit local services. Thanks in advance.
"Nuclear catapults? Honestly, those are perfectly feasible. " - solidsnake101112, on Fallout 3.

User Info: gamegamer20

7 years ago#14
skins left?
Syuusuke Fuji pwns!!!!!

User Info: wiser123

7 years ago#15
id def take one, dryingpaint@hotmail.com plz plz plz

User Info: Loschen

7 years ago#16
If you have one il gladly accept it.


Thanks in advance.

User Info: Indra777

7 years ago#17
If you have an extra, I would appreciate one.


Thank you =)
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User Info: Jeev-

7 years ago#18
Guys.... I think it was a Joke... Get over it.

User Info: Odd_man

7 years ago#19
The first code was actually legit, though likely he dumped the rest of the codes on the main forums or something. Oh and if you haven't been clued in yet, I used the first code.

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