Which champions do you have the hardest time fighting?

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  3. Which champions do you have the hardest time fighting?

User Info: Xano1234

7 years ago#1
For me, it is usually Master Yi. Unless I have a heal and an exhaust, most master Yi players reduce me to no health before I can even begin to counter-attack.

Also just played a game against the Chrono guy....can't remember his name. Time bombs are rediculously powerful and he can plant them from a good distance.

Everyone else I can usually handle. I just got the game and so far my most played character was originally Blitzcrank, but then switched to Malphite. Just bought Kayle and plan on maining her.

Should I build her with health, armor, or work her Flame sword+attack speed?
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User Info: Voidgolem

7 years ago#2
Any answer that isn't Twitch is probably lying.

Or plays Corki.

In my specific case, I'm starting to seriously hate Udyr since the patch hit. Sure, the same can be said of any hero played well, but there've been a disproportionate number of good Udyrs in the last several games I've played.
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User Info: Maxmus050

7 years ago#3


But when i look at the real heroes in the game i think teemo

User Info: Frost_borne

7 years ago#4
Twitch. The only time I can counter him is when I play Shaco.
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User Info: stonewall_hero

7 years ago#5
Alright- my worst opposing heroes have to be teemo and blitzcrank- man they hurt and harass too well.

Xano- my main is Kayle and she's fun as hell to use. She's incredibly versatile. I play her as a seeker and I can give you the build.

The seeker build allows Kayle to roam quickly between lanes, enter and leave a battle quickly and hopefully safely and chase down any enemy hero (that includes turret diving). I can go more detailed if you like- it is basically the whole attack speed +flame sword thing (with rank 1 till 13 though).
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User Info: The_Ellimist

7 years ago#6
Twitch and Teemo

User Info: Wolf_Link_

7 years ago#7
Twitch if he isn't shut down early, Teemo if he gets fed, and a well played Ryze outside of team fights. I usually have Exhaust with me, so champions like Yi and Udyr actually don't bother me much if I run into them in the forest or something. Oh, and the MFing Cho'Gath, obviously.
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User Info: LuigiisTeepee

7 years ago#8
Twitch or a fed Fiddlesticks.
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User Info: nothv13

7 years ago#9
Twitch. Even if shut down he will eventually farm the one item he needs to run rampant, unless you can finish off his nexus.

Teemo. Just so hard to prevent his harassment. All he has to do it hit you with poison every once in awhile and eventually you are forced to b.

User Info: Jeev-

7 years ago#10
Probably Fiddlesticks, Yi or Veigar, just due to the fact I vs a lot of good people that main them...
Twitch isn't really a problem as I main Teemo and a lot of the Twitches I see are quite squishy so I can take them out quite easily and Blind them for a while before I get too damaged.
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