Who exactly is considered the "worst" champion in the game?

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  3. Who exactly is considered the "worst" champion in the game?

User Info: Xano1234

7 years ago#1
Just curious. Many people think everyone is good, but who has the least potential. I just got the game and with the new characters, I have had little good to hear about Malphite.
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User Info: zara_elite275

7 years ago#2
Malphite's passive makes him a great tank/slow/stun champ especially with his ult.

IMHO I'd say Taric is the champ with the least potential, because if you're team sucks you're heals are worthless, and I've yet to see a effective DPS build for Taric. And TBH hes not that good of a tank considering Kayle tank-supports better, and Alistar has to be the best tank of them all.
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User Info: Voidgolem

7 years ago#3
Heimerdinger is the one I hear the worst about

Udyr held the position back when he was first introduced (everyone fed with him)


As to actual worst, I'm inclined to agree with any support-oriented hero. Do not pick while solo queueing, since they rely rather heavily on team coordination (Yeah, you can support the carry to victory. Sometimes. If the carry doesn't suck. Too many variables you can't figure out ahead of time)
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User Info: Maxmus050

7 years ago#4


i have yet to see someone who play him well.

User Info: Frost_borne

7 years ago#5
Zilean is good, but only as a harasser. He cannot push, but damn do those bombs keep sending people back to their bases.
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User Info: Odd_man

7 years ago#6
I'm likely more inclined to saying Warwick or Morgana. Warwick just doesn't do the kind of damage other melee dpsers do and his ultimate is among the worst in the game. At least when fiddle or Nunu channel something, they actually get a very good result. Warwick just gets basically a veigar nuke and a stun on one target IF he manages to get the entire thing off. Add in the fact, that Warwick is virtually entirely melee and doesn't even manage the DPS evelyn/Yi get makes him easy fodder for the crowd control spells that'll be thrown out since warwick will likely be stuck beside his team's alistar/blitz or whatever in a fight.

I have yet to see a Morgana be played (ok maybe I've seen her twice since her mass nerfs) as all her spells have horrific cooldowns and are fairly bad. While shield is useful, everyone just uses Kayle ult to plow the enemy with better results. Morg's disable is among the worst in the game as the cooldown is absurd, the effect isn't even a stun (lol hold) and it's a skillshot. Compare that to say sion's stun and suddenly you realize whats the point of this long cooldown skillshot hold. Her aoe spell really needs to do something aside from just damage as it's far too slow to catch anybody in it for the full duration and even then it's not exactly game over if they stand in it. I personally prefer Nasus's aoe as it also reduces a huge amount of armor. And her ult has seen better days, thanks to all the super dps carries, it's almost impossible for her to stay near anybody doing dps without dying.

User Info: thepotatoman

7 years ago#7
You have no idea what you are talking about with Morgana. If played as a tank/support Morgana is a really good asset to a team. She can push well with her AOE by killing lots of minions fast and when used with her snare can do a whole lot of damage, she can assist like crazy with her super long stun. And so many people focus on her in team battles thinking of her as a caster when she really has so much health and armor she is actually a tank.

Its so much fun to cast shield on yourself, run into the middle of the entire team and cast your ultimate. They will either focus on separating away from you while your teammates pick them off one by one or stay still attacking you while you do a decent amount of damage and stunning everyone allowing your teammates to clean up real well. I find with a tank build they usually don't kill you before the ultimate finishes and worst case they all focus fire on you which is what you actually want to happen being a tank and you die knowing you gave your dps teammates time to mess them up.

I haven't played enough characters but corki seems pretty useless, and amumu only has his ultimate.

User Info: Odd_man

7 years ago#8
I'd of responded to your post with counter points but you saved me the time by calling Corki, one of the best champs in the game for the past few patches (in fact basically the entire time he's been in) useless.

User Info: stonewall_hero

7 years ago#9
There are dps builds as Taric but he requires skill to be effective in combat (he's so vulnerable) and he's one of the strongest pushers in the game. That being said- he tanks in a different way. He stacks team buffs so he ends up becoming the target. Just having him in the fight makes him a good decoy but at the same time a huge boon to your team.

Corki is a carry. He doesn't have any snare or stun but he has the best type of CC- murdering an enemy hero in less than a second (exaggeration of course). He's one of the strongest in that sense.

Heimer recently got buffed and has been face raping since- he's still not top tier good but he's a nuisance now. People hate to lane against him with his insane harassment potential early game.

Morgana is support- and she's damn good at it. AoE snare and team shields are a blessing- that being said, her dps does lack and your team be damned if you have another crap dps in there.

Amumu used to be considered the best Tank- but he's been lacking as of late. His ultimate still is a godsend though.

Alistar - as people get better with him he's become even more of a monster. Used to be a crap tank but look at him now.

Kayle- Same as alistar, no one gave her credit but as people found out how to play her correctly--- damn she's good. She's my main and I use her in the seeker spec.

Malphite- Eats squishies and his ultimate is one of the best initiator ults.


Now- back some time ago the following heroes were considered useless. That being said- like in fighting games, people find new things about each hero or combination of heroes that works or they just get buffs.


These were considered trash but they have since then risen (Annie skyrocketed up). Eve and janna low while i don't know where Heimer is.

Right now- the only hero considered Trash now is Warwick. He's been getting indirect nerfs this entire time and is due for an entire rework. He simply has nothing going for him. He eats noobs like nothing though but at higher ranked games he just can't do anything. Sad that he had the best dance and some of the better quotes.
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User Info: HosedAndHappy

7 years ago#10
There is no "worst" champion in the game. The game is incredibly balanced for how many champions are included. Sure some champions are more difficult to play as but I've seen people do some amazing things with every champion that has been listed in this thread.
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