Teach me to play!

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User Info: VagrantStar

7 years ago#1
I would love for an experienced player to show me the ropes!

IGN: finalfantasyzeal
GH3 FC: 0903-1382-0396

User Info: Reakt00r

7 years ago#2
If you live in Europe, then add me: Reakt00r

I'll gladly teach you what I know.
You know, sometimes I'd wish my lawn was emo so it would cut itself. - icedpotato

User Info: Wolfdog65

7 years ago#3

I'm only a level 13, but I'm starting to learn stratagy. Look for team ups with another player. also don't trap yourself for an easy kill. take your time.

User Info: MadTim

7 years ago#4
Like the guy before this said(and I shall second) this game is all about patience. Harass and slowly take down the ones who you are lanning againsts' health. Make them hurt and they will either recall and loose valuable XP or they will be stupid and stay around too long and get taken out. Stay back early game even if you are a tank(as no tank is really a tank till mid game at the soonest). And get skype and vent. Find a group to play with and use voice communication(skype is best for this game IMO). With voice you can communicate ganks and MIA's much faster and not have to take the time to type when you need to have your fingers engaged in a fight.
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