What's up with cleanse?

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User Info: HosedAndHappy

7 years ago#1
Is it bugged or just worded wrong?

I thought I read they kind of changed it back to the old cleanse and you're immune to disables for 2 seconds if you use cleanse to remove something, but I've noticed a few times when trying to kill a Teemo that I'll use cleanse to remove the blind but he'll counter right away with exhaust and I'm hooped.

I know it's pretty damn weird to eat people.

User Info: nothv13

7 years ago#2
They did change it back to the old cleanse, but it was too powerful. they nerfed it again so that it removes all debuffs on you along with giving a couple seconds of reduced cc duration. they just have not changed the in game text to it.
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  3. What's up with cleanse?

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