Have you ever had a real bad game?

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User Info: xHFx

7 years ago#1
Just went 2-10 with Blitzcrank. There didn't seem like anything I could do about it since every time I tried to help my teammates out I end up dying. Whenever an enemy was running away, I would throw a hook and it would hit a creep that's just standing right behind me or something... annoying as hell.

User Info: CalmOfEmptiness

7 years ago#2
I sort of had a similar game with Blitz earlier today. Except it was 4-12-17 >_> So, not quite as bad.

But I definitely had one of those games as Gangplank. I just wasn't hitting any of my Cannon Barrages, I would for some reason keep on using Parrley on this goddamn Mundo, I couldn't dodge his cleaver toss, and everyone was ganking me and focus firing on me during the team fights.

User Info: Vordrax

7 years ago#3
I've had many bad games. Actually they seem to be more and more prevalent. I used to have a spread of wins-to-losses of about 80 games or more. Now it's closer to 20. And some have been absolutely atrocious. Sometimes it's me (bad lag, make dumb decisions, general lack of reaction time), and sometimes it's the players on my team (constant feeding, badmouthing), and sometimes the matchmaking seems to have it out for me.

I love a good game though, rare as they are, where neither team "stomps" the other. I like close games, and I seem to get more of them when I queue as a 5-man pre-made (though we also run into more pug teams as well, and I don't really enjoy pug-stomping any more than I enjoy getting stomped when we have random players, because I know they're not having fun.)

My least favorite is when a player gets a long disconnect, because it's basically a slow death for that team (granted, I've won 4v5's but you have to have really good CC on the 4 you have left, and even then it's pretty rough if the other team is coordinated at all.)

All that aside, I had one of my worst games recently as Blitz (was recorded as 2-12-4 or somesuch but about 8 of the deaths came when we started playing Nexus tag due to the two randoms being complete dicks.)
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User Info: Wolf_Link_

7 years ago#4
Yes, I think we've all had those matches where people seem to be out to get you rather than actually win.
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User Info: RaydricLord

7 years ago#5
I have bad games all the time. I really hate it when teammates are greedy. Earlier today, I played with a Twisted who only went around KSing and worrying about his kdr. Whenever, there was a team fight, he was gone farming. Then when I complained about it too him. He said he was a paperweight tank. I pointed out that he wasn't going to be tanking since I was the tank (Malphite). It was so stupid. We lost in the end and he was the only one positive. Seriously, this game revolves around teamwork. It's not like counterstrike where one person can go in and solo the team.
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User Info: Xano1234

7 years ago#6
Yea it usually happens when.....

A. Someone disconnects making it 4v5 right off the bat.

B. You have a NEWB (not noob), on the team and they feed the enemy team and don't do much.

C. When you have a NOOB, on the team and feed the enemy team and then ragequit...the ultimate fail.

Basically the only time I ever get owned too bad is when someone quits or the team is just REALLY bad.
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User Info: damogamo

7 years ago#7
5/5/5 with teemo last night, everyone was dodging my shrooms it seemed.
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