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User Info: mafiafun

7 years ago#31
Yea, I don't believe this list and highly doubt its from top players.
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User Info: Odd_man

7 years ago#32
Last top 500 posted:

The 4 teams left in the winners bracket of this tourny:
http://challonge.com/The2010SolomidShowdown (bracket)
http://www.solomid.net/forums/index.php?/topic/537-showdown-team-directory/ (rosters)

About 50%+ (most of the other 50 being from my team) of the players left in the winner bracket are on the top 500 list from the first link and locust's team just happens to have rank #1, rank #9, rank #17, rank #30, rank #31, rank #47, rank #107 and rank #218. There isn't much if any other justification needed to prove this isn't the 'top elo' people as the solomid tourny is basically the biggest 5v5 LoL tourny to date (though it isn't saying much this early). And while Riot hasn't released how many players play the game, last time someone asked, I believe they hinted the answer was well beyond 100000.

On that note, my team (Team Squi) likely won't beat his(l0cust) unless everyone on the team plays at my level as the skill levels on my team are all over the place and maybe only two people on my team play even closely to me while the others are often lost causes.

Though this doesn't entirely remove any arguments against his tier list as some of the champs seem to be put in a tier only because he doesn't like them or hasn't seen enough of them like Rammus who I think deserves to be higher up.
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