LoL vs. HoN

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User Info: dk22

7 years ago#1
I've been playing LoL for the last couple days and have been enjoying it, though I have also heard some things about Heroes of Newerth. I had played the beta for HoN briefly several months ago and didn't know what i was doing; and LoL seems a lot easier to get into. I've never played DoTA though so I don't have the experience that some people do with this game type.

Has anyone with DoTA experience played both of these games recently and have a comparison of the 2? Would you say HoN becomes better than LoL once you get past the steeper learning curve, or should anyone who hasn't been playing DoTA for years avoid HoN altogether? Do you think LoL is the bees knees?

User Info: 7Nitro7Blazer7

7 years ago#2
I play LoL solely because I dislike denies, and i like LoL's characters.
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User Info: Hemless

7 years ago#3
Dota is better than LoL(My opinion after playing like 300 games, my Elo is between 1600-1700, played with the Riot President).

I have played HoN but my computer is trash and even on a laptop that I borrowed I spend most of the game trying to "This hero/item is what dota" or "Holy crap the action is so fast, whats going on here?".
I hear HoN is pretty imbalanced at the moment too(so Is LoL, but as long as you know which heros are the best and ALWAYS pick them, its not too bad), but that's just 2nd hand information.

To sum it up.

Dota > LoL
HoN goal is to be Dota with better graphics so hopefully soon

HoN = Dota. Then at that time HoN > LoL.

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User Info: Hemless

7 years ago#4
Ah one thing I did forget, especially since you never played Dota.

LoL is much better for casual players, sure you'll have to put up with people Q dodging if they don't like your hero, but once you get in the game its much easier.
Generally just by showing up to fights you'll be able to get enough gold to buy reasonable items(Also not losing your gold when you die), and because you can't get denied and mana is much more plentiful you end up with a decent amount creep kills even without trying. You level fast and the game is made to last 30 mins before one team has snowballed out of control and is ready to crush.

My typical LoL game as a Tank would land with at maybe 0-3 kills, Deaths 5 or higher(this really depends on which team is winning at the moment) if we are winning, I'd have usually 19 or more assists and about 30-60 Creep kills which was typically determined by if the tank I was playing had AoE. In LoL that would get me Doran's shield, Aegis of the Legion, Mercury boots, Chalice, The revival armor I forget what its called at around 30 mins.

After three months of this I went Back to dota. Dota is hard, when I left for LoL I thought myself to be a "Dota pro".

I went back to Dota and after getting used to everything being smaller and no helpful Red and Green circles telling me whats going on, with my lazy LoL play-style and getting a similar score would typically Afford me low end items Like Treads, 2 bracers, and part of a big end item(not even the whole thing!) in the same time frame. You must get Creep kills, you level much slower, you have less mana to play with, and you CANNOT die(at least without spending) because you'll end up stupid and broke. Another habit that LoL made easy was frequent trips to the base, you cannot do this in dota, you'll get left behind because of the large amount of time that takes.

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User Info: mafiafun

7 years ago#5
DOTA is HON. It is exactly the same according to many many people. I just played HON and never played DOTA, I like it WAY better. The learning curve is steeper than Lol. I think HON is pretty balanced. There are MANY characters that will rofflestomp you, but they are also easy to shut down. It is all about the items and such. And there isn't a problem with HON like in Lol where if you're getting out pushed and can't do anything, you just tower hug. In HON you just deny and its all fair.
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User Info: Hydrox_Z

7 years ago#6
LoL is a lot funner of a game.

Some people suggest HoN is more competitive (and thus more fun if you're into that sort of thing) but eh.

User Info: xHFx

7 years ago#7

From: Hydrox_Z | #006
Some people suggest HoN is more competitive (and thus more fun if you're into that sort of thing) but eh.

A competitive game without balance is quite ironic. Sure, you can tell me the game is balanced all you want, but when you take a look at it, the amount of imbalanced things in HoN overshadows the amount of imbalanced things in LoL.

In LoL, you can actually make a comeback. This might be the reason why people playing HoN dislike. Just because you're dominating early on in LoL doesn't mean you'll win. If you don't stick together and fight like a team, you'll lose. Of course, you can tell me that in HoN, it's the same thing, but no. In HoN, the more farmed you are early on, the more easier it is for you to overpower the other team's heroes. When you take down a barrack in HoN, it gives you a huge advantage as that lane will always be pushed by the team's creeps. In LoL, after a while, the inhibitor respawns and you can resume your push after defending and hopefully getting some new items. If the enemy team has taken an inhibitor, that means they have a chance to win. If the enemy team dominates early on but then fall behind, that's their fault for not sticking together or doing what is necessary.

User Info: mafiafun

7 years ago#8
That just makes LoL way more watered down. It's just newb/noob friendly, that's all. So its more of a question of whether you want something easy because you're too slow or incapable of dealing with the pacing of HON/DOTA or if you want an actual challenge.
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User Info: moon1244

7 years ago#9
Other team can actually fight back
less challenging
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User Info: Hemless

7 years ago#10
Thats stupid, this game is a complete snowball, without a doubt the team that wins early should win the game.

If not they were screwing around and gave the other team victory or their picks we're bad, really bad.
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