Ryze should have his name changed to RWEQ.

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  3. Ryze should have his name changed to RWEQ.

User Info: Unvincible

7 years ago#1
Nobody reads me.

User Info: CenaxKikia

7 years ago#2
so should every champion in the game who presses RWEQ to kill people? Question mark?

User Info: starrk

7 years ago#3
Yi should change his name to R imo.
The bigger the lie, the more they believe.

User Info: Elrick75

7 years ago#4
QRWEQ is better
(O,o) ORLY? 01101100 01101111 01101100

User Info: MrLabowski

7 years ago#5
silence Ryze GG

User Info: CalmOfEmptiness

7 years ago#6
Kayle should change her name to QWEQQQRQQQ

User Info: Nev47

7 years ago#7
Yi should be deleted from the game.

User Info: Voidgolem

7 years ago#8
Ashe needs a rename to Autoshot.

Or R.
'This would be my cue to say something snarky, wouldn't it? I'll have to remember that. For the next time you make an idiot of yourself...'

User Info: NeCrOmAnCeR

7 years ago#9
TF should be renamed to QQQQQQQ, wait....

User Info: 7Nitro7Blazer7

7 years ago#10
Pirate should be QRQQQ

Or just Q cause they usually die after that.
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  3. Ryze should have his name changed to RWEQ.

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