Loving Shen

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User Info: stonewall_hero

7 years ago#1
I'm playing this guy and I absolutely love his playstyle. The tank I played almost exclusively was Alistar but even though Shen isn't a pure tank I enjoy playing him more.

His dash is wicked and totally gets idiots who overextend killed.

So far the best build I've used has been a hybrid of some sort. I have a Warwick jungling rune page and I decided to test out Shen's jungling using this rune page and specialized masteries.

Shen easily gets to 6 before the side lanes and can get some ganks easily thanks to dash and lizard.

The best build with Shen so far that I've used has been

Cloth Armor+4 health potions
Madred's Razor
Ninja Tabi/Merc Treads (depending on who i'm fighting)
Aegis (if someone else gets it i skip)

I've been able to dash through the enemy team, taunt then and then stab a squishy relatively quickly to death. His ultimate is amazing too. Only complaint is that his W is relatively useless.

This is the first new hero I buy (bought bundle as well). I love tanks and this guy is just too much fun and interesting.

User Info: Hulkkis

7 years ago#2
Loving him also. Not max level so got no runes. Took improved Ghost and Exhaust and sent rest to tank tree.
For gear i go about this:
Dorans shield and pot or health gem depends who i lane with.
Health gem if i already didn't, or first boots. Possibly restock few pots to lane longer.
Leviathan asap.
Ice hammer thingy.
Game ended at this part, Had Fully stacked Leviathan, Warmog, merc boots and ice hammer.

End stats were about 4800hp with -15% damage taken. I was pretty much unkillable unless 5v1 and thanks to taunt and feint i could tank them well. Also passive was bursting for about 400dmg per hit every 8 sec. With lizard buff i was pretty much godmode.

Now that you mentioned, gotta try respec to jungle with smite instead of ghost.

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User Info: stonewall_hero

7 years ago#3
I would recommend keeping ghost instead of exhaust. Ghost allows you to keep up early game with the enemy and get into a good position for your taunt. It also helps escape multiple enemies if they try to gank you while jungling.

User Info: Hulkkis

7 years ago#4
yeh i suppose.
Problem now is im only level 15, not sure where to slap my mastery points besides improved smite and ghost.
"South-Korea is the only nation whose national sport has a sequel."

User Info: necroix05

7 years ago#5
I just played a game as morg vs. a shen. Both 18, I had around 332 AP. I bound him right next to a turret(it was attacking him), popped Soil, Ignite AND my ult, got the second hit on my ult, popped deathfire grasp, did bind + soil AGAIN and he still lived >.<
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User Info: stonewall_hero

7 years ago#6

there you go

User Info: Hulkkis

7 years ago#7
Thanks a lot, will get the smite and util stuff and as much as i can to tank.
"South-Korea is the only nation whose national sport has a sequel."

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