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User Info: xdarkfblazardx

7 years ago#1
Hi, I'm a lvl 16 29/29 Win Loss Person. I usually main Ashe, with a pretty good W/L Record. I wanted to try Twitch, since he was free the past week. I looked up many guides, and I tried them out. I sucked horribly. Out of 8 or so games, I lost 6 of them. I just don't know how to play him. People say its all about positioning and stuff like that, but I really dunno? Any Advice?

User Info: zeroknightxz

7 years ago#2
Get in back of them when you are a good distance away from their tower (while invis of course), use your W to slow them, then fire at will. Expunge for the kill/damage.
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