And this is what I don't like about this sort of game:

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User Info: carotbotom

7 years ago#1
Just played a game with a mediocre-at-best Eve (on my team, of course), who spent the majority of the game taunting the other team, while dying during attempts at ganks of 3 or more champions (Even when we pointed out that the enemy Ryze was buying Oracle's elixirs). He'd just dive in, deal like 500 damage and die. And then he started to call everyone else bad, including his own team. Then, after our pitiful defeat, he continues to rant in the chat. I'm just surprised his name wasn't "XxOMG IM STONEDxx420" or something.
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User Info: Starpepper

7 years ago#2

That actually sounds like the Eve I played against yesterday. Spent the entire game harassing me in all chat because I bought Oracle's, and then every time I killed them they called me bad lol. He'd consistently go head first into team fights while I had Oracle's and die pretty much.

They lost.

User Info: Dartkun

7 years ago#3
I agree, these types of players are annoying. Probably also yelling that the team isn't helping even though they are running into losing situations.

User Info: carotbotom

7 years ago#4
They also left me alone to lane against an Annie and Mundo as Udyr from like level 4, then they complained when I got Tibberstunned and eaten by Mundo.
I seriously doubt she's an actress. She had hairy legs. ~SBHS Brooklyn 2K3

User Info: Gynthaeres

7 years ago#5
It always seems like the worst players are the ones who talk the most trash, blaming their team for doing poorly. The OP FotM often attracts these players, though Jax seems to be the worst in recent memory.

I had a game last night with a Jax who routinely tried to 5v1 the enemy team. We were constantly fighting 4v5 team fights, because Jax would either be off farming, or would be dead from jumping in while no one was there. As the game dragged on, he started mocking my friend, who was playing AP Amumu (note that Jax and our Udyr were both built like tanks, so we certainly didn't need another tank).

Soraka joined in on the mocking, insulting AP Amumu's build with statements like "tank fail". They both tried to pin the loss on AP Amumu, despite having the aforementioned Jax, and an Udyr who was like, 1-8-3. Of course, neither of them offered anything beyond insults, even when my friend asked for specifics and tried to explain AP Amumu's potential. Udyr was silent the entire time.
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User Info: Maxmus050

7 years ago#6

What i dont like about the game.

Is all the people who complain more then instead of playing the game.
They keep on talking how noob other players are and how good they are and its all the fault of the team..
I cant stand that kind of people, for me they ruin the fun of online gaming.

User Info: Goldern365

7 years ago#7
i hate people who constantly yell my team is noob and only blame his team for the loss when at end game his stats are 0-8-2

User Info: zara_elite275

7 years ago#8
You guys care too much. Who the hell cares what some random kid over the interwebs has to say /thinks about you? 99.9% chance you will never meet them face to face.
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User Info: stonewall_hero

7 years ago#9


If the link doesn't work keep trying - it's some problem with their forums

User Info: Charliesix

7 years ago#10
It's weird that RTS type gamers seem to have a higher percentage of people who flame their own teammates repeatedly during a game, when compared to FPS gamers (and I see LoL type games as an offshoot of the RTS genre). My initial assumption was that the RTS gameplay type would be less immersive and thus your emotions would be less heated as a result.

FPS gamers seem very relaxed and friendly towards their teammates, win or lose, despite the fact that the game is so much more in your face with its violence.

My theory is that RTS type gamers are more obessive, nerdy, and/or hardcore than FPS gamers, since FPS gaming is much more mainstream. So winning or losing is much important to RTS type gamers.
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