Favorite hero to play on Twisted Treeline?

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User Info: MadTim

7 years ago#1
As we've all found out some heroes do much better on twisted treeline than others as well as some characters finally getting to shine brigter than ever.
Gangplank is a fun toon on any map but I find on TT he is able to really shine. So he's mine.
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User Info: tigerjackhammer

7 years ago#2
Warwick. By far.

User Info: dothack1304

7 years ago#3
Udyr, I had no wins with him until twisted treeline he started raping face there
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User Info: VeeVees

7 years ago#4
jax, udyr, or any other 1 on 1 champs
narutu sand ninja
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User Info: Jeev-

7 years ago#5
Twisted Fate or Warick =)

User Info: SneakyHIder

7 years ago#6
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User Info: NeCrOmAnCeR

7 years ago#7

User Info: PRNOIAxPlus

7 years ago#8
Shaco clears the field with his deceive and ghost. Practically gets anywhere as fast as Shen or Pantheon would using ults.

User Info: yavo

7 years ago#9

with good allies... Morgana

Running with Ghost/Flash + Claivo

You can snare people from almost anywhere :o

User Info: RaydricLord

7 years ago#10
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