Favorite hero to play on Twisted Treeline?

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User Info: zeroknightxz

7 years ago#11
Tristana. She's really fun to play on this map. Can escape really easily, and can chase pretty good.
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User Info: Jedimaster5390

7 years ago#12
Teemo for that run speed increase, and the mushrooms give great visibility in both jungles.
As Vince said, the PWB screwed the PWB.

User Info: Epic_Luxray

7 years ago#13
Twisted Fate on twisted treeline. It's a given.
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User Info: Xylarxcode

7 years ago#14
As much as it pains me to admit it, Warwicks an absolute beast on this map.
He's the character I love to hate and hate to love on this map.
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User Info: Who knows

Who knows
7 years ago#15
Mundo, Warwick
I hit Idol on April 1st =)

User Info: TheGunslingerXL

7 years ago#16
AP based Sion. It's so funny when the enemy runs towards me with my shield up, I burst it and follow it with a stun, then exaust and burst it again. When that happens in TT, I usually get the person that ran at me, his friend down to halfway (2 bubble bursts) and about 6-9 minions in the process. Also, in TT, people will chase me down when I have about 200 HP left with them having about 500 and I'll just bubble burst when they get close to me and lols ensue (works even better when two of them with about 500 hp are following me, since it's an instant AoE burst).

One more thing, I also love when I'm playing Kayle and I bubble and kill them at their main base in range of the big ass laser of death turret and get away :)
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