Favorite champion outside of gameplay?

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User Info: Wolf_Link_

7 years ago#1
We all know that in games such as these, not all characters are equal, in gameplay or otherwise. So for now, let's focus on the latter, just who are the champions with the best looks, backstory, etc.?

Personally, I'll have to give my vote to everybody's favorite explorer, Ezreal. His voicing is great, both of his skins are fantastic, and his backstory was actually rather interesting.
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User Info: Dartkun

7 years ago#2
Teemo is awesome. His original backstory is better than his "batman" one currently.

"Captain of the Bantam City Scouts, Teemo is the foremost defender of the yordle homeland. In addition to his duties as scout leader—which include planning the soap-box derby, teaching new recruits the scout’s pledge, and judging the yearly s’more-eating contest—Teemo is also responsible for the defense of Bantam City itself.

In Teemo’s bestselling autobiography, Accuracy by Volume, the leader of the Bantam City Scouts expounds on yordle military tactics, such as blow-dart carpet bombing, and filling trebuchets with poison-tipped sewing needles.

Though he can often be found in the courtyard outside the practice arenas signing copies of his book, Teemo is really at the Institute of War for another reason. He has come, as the emissary for the entire yordle nation, to petition the League of Legends to start a new type of tournament. His proposition includes wood carving, rope bridge building, and campfire cooking to the list of approve forms of "combat" sanctioned inside the Institute. So far, he hasn’t had much luck. "

That's just WIN

User Info: CalmOfEmptiness

7 years ago#3
Wow, that backstory IS way better than the current one. A glorified boy scout leader. Ha ha.

It's funny that you compare his current one to Batman, the last one makes him seem like Superman. Heh.

User Info: PRNOIAxPlus

7 years ago#4
Shaco is my favorite character gameplay wise.

But he's very unoriginal any other way.

His voice acting is annoying.
His joke is taken straight from the Joker.
His story plays no role in the LoL lore universe.
He has no skins.
Generally no one likes him.
And he looks dumb when he crits.

I know I went the opposite way with the thread.
Just to stay on-topic, I guess my favorite story is Jax. He's such a hard ass.

User Info: RaydricLord

7 years ago#5
Jax's story made me want to play Jax. Then I bought the packs and the buff came to him. Still in love with him, his story and who he's based off of (Garet Jax).
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User Info: anilEhilated

7 years ago#6
TF. Now if he got a skin that wouldn't induce vomiting we'd be set.
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User Info: TheYoungin

7 years ago#7
i love twisted fate's style, and he was my favorite champ gameplay-wise until the remake but oh well, gave me enough reason to learn shaco and it was for the better i think
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User Info: Frost_borne

7 years ago#8
Outside of gameplay, I like Taric, because I'm also obsessed with gems and mineralogy. Too bad he's such a lackluster champion (see that pun thar?).
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User Info: Neuro_Violation

7 years ago#9
Are you ready kids?
Aye aye cap'n!
I can't heaaaar youuu!
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I rest my case.
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User Info: HylianElf

7 years ago#10
Nunu's story is interesting. It's part of the reason I bought him, but now I hate playing as him and lol when playing against him.

Jax is also probably my favorite champion if only because he fights with a lamppost.

Rammus is great if only for the "lolwut" factor.
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