Had the most boring game ever.

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User Info: Hulkkis

7 years ago#1
85 Minutes.
Enemies were a premade of 5, we had a team of 4 and one random, and we arent "pro" in any way.

They had a pretty well planned setup with ashe, pantheon, tf, amumu, tristana
They could get around the map to gank in a instant and got a lead start on kills Score being 4 kills for us and 10 for then.

But rest of the match was pure pain, they spent whole game in the jungle, waiting for one of us to go close, then gank and hide, if we tried to split a bit to push and defend at the same time, pantheon, TF and ashes ulti would arrive instantly.
Then they would return to the jungle.
And of course they called US boring and cowards for not wanting to group fight when they had twice as much kills as we...

In the end of course they won cause they had 20+ more kills then us, nashor and all the buffs from the jungle.

Just wanted to whine, thanks for listening.

And i hope to god this is not a normal tactic in "pro" lol games.
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User Info: Dartkun

7 years ago#2
Lame, and I thought this thread was going to be about a 2 heim game XD

User Info: 7Nitro7Blazer7

7 years ago#3
Pros usually push as soon as they have an advantage.
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User Info: MSN 04 Sazabi

MSN 04 Sazabi
7 years ago#4
"pros" is you lane without much happening then everyone goes to lizard/golem/dragon then winning team pushes a turret and you kind of repeat
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