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User Info: ProArsonist69

7 years ago#1
How exactly does it work? I want to try it out, but every time I go to the rune combiner, I have no runes to combine. Does anyone know how to use it?
XBL GT: ProArsonist69

User Info: RaydricLord

7 years ago#2
LOL, you first need runes. You cannot put runes you're currently using in your rune book. All you do is click and drag. 2 runes makes a rune of the same value, but 5 runes make a rune of a higher tier. There are no tier 4 runes as far as I'm concerned.
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User Info: ProArsonist69

7 years ago#3
lol thanks, didn't know i had to take them out of the book first
XBL GT: ProArsonist69

User Info: Dartkun

7 years ago#4
Just an interesting note about the rune combiner.

In order to buy tier 2 runes, you need to be over level 10.

BUT, if you combine 5 tier 1 runes, you can equip the tier 2 rune before level 10.

By extension, this means you could have a tier 3 rune before you even hit level 10.
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