Garen runes?

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User Info: KaiHayasaka

7 years ago#1
I know he isn't out yet but I figured since we have seen how he works in the preview video and told all about his abilities it would be pretty easy to choose the best runes for him or at least speculate. Since his passive regen's his health out of battle and one of his skills grants him bonus armor and magic resist, I would think you wouldn't have to worry about them as much.

To me it seems the best would be:

Flat Health Quint's
Crit chance Marks(due to his Q and E allowing crits)
Attack Speed Seals (melee attacker, makes your attacks faster)
Cooldown Reduction Glyph (since he has no mana, you want his abilities to come back up as fast as they can)

Thats what I think might be good for him (though I'm probably extremely wrong). Any pro's with more experience know what would be good for him?
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User Info: necroix05

7 years ago#2
Flat Hp quints
APen marks
Dodge seals
CDR glyphs
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User Info: Voidgolem

7 years ago#3
Armor pen marks (It's easy enough to gear for crit in-game, if his abilities deal physical damage Armor pen'll make 'em crit harder.)

Dodge/HP-level seals (Survivability, yo)

Cooldown Reduction seals (If your only resource is cooldowns...)

Flat HP or Movespeed quint (God tier)
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