best 6300 IP champion?

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User Info: fatsumi123

7 years ago#1

User Info: wannabepranksta

7 years ago#2
i c u p

User Info: VeeVees

7 years ago#3
corki easily
range aoe, dps, debuff machine
narutu sand ninja
**** charlie brown christmas

User Info: necroix05

7 years ago#4
Crazy burst, can completely deny the enemy XP on either side lane, global ult, blink, heal, has an aspd (de)buff.
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User Info: Earthshaker

7 years ago#5
None are really considered OP, so it's a question of style.

Except maybe the filthy rat.
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User Info: anilEhilated

7 years ago#6
Probably Corki. He's not as flashy as the others but gets the job done really well.
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User Info: MSN 04 Sazabi

MSN 04 Sazabi
7 years ago#7
anivia is pretty fun

i just enjoyed playing her for the first time

got off some really nice walls

i would suggest trying her out before buying her, though

and you prob need mpen runes to be effective
Doreamon... who cares... if it has Mon at the end its just a Crapy ripoff of Pokemon (which sucks too) -PSOPOPO

User Info: Richyd13

7 years ago#8
i use Ez, and as long as you go straight AP you will do well if you know how to aim a skill shot

People that build him for physical DPS just arent smart.

when i use Ez i go

mana crystal --->sheen ---> mejais---->sorc shoes---->lich bane--->void staff---> and if the game goes this long i'll get a zhonyas

User Info: Voidgolem

7 years ago#9
Blitzcrank unless your team is made of fail and/or you can't land hooks.

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User Info: DavioSmash

7 years ago#10
I really enjoy Corki.

Anivia looks fun, but in a different way.

Ezreal is really good too, but I don't have him yet.
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