One of those days...

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User Info: RaydricLord

7 years ago#1
Do you ever have one of those days where all your kills are ksed in teamfights? Or how about one of those days all your skillshots miss? Frankly, we've had all those games. Share them I guess.

Today, all my kills have been ksed. I'm chasing someone with Jax and I'm one hit/leapstrike away and Ezreal comes in to lolshot the enemy. I want to rage, but it's a fair kill (even though I did most of the damage).
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User Info: VeeVees

7 years ago#2
i just got 0/4/27 with ryze
i have 13-14 stacks on mejai and still can't last hit people
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User Info: GBALoser

7 years ago#3
Oh, the rage I could talk about .

1) I often get accused of ksing, back to when I ran primarily Siv. I'm sorry my Ricochet killed the champ with 20 hp left, and you didn't get the credit for it. It's starting up again since I've been playing Ez. Sorry three of us are chasing one champ and I flash in close enough to get the kill.

2) Speaking of Ez, missed ults at close range make me die a little inside (if not in game as well). The greatest moment of skill shot fail, though, is I stumbled into a Gangplank at less than half health in the forest and I had a little more than half. So, in an attempt to finish him, I engage knowing one of my allies was close by. I proceed to miss EVERY skill shot and end up dead.

3) Yeah, teams that don't push...two tales from last night. Lost my first game because although we had more kills, we couldn't organize to push any one lane. We didn't have a real tank (had Nasus, but he was more DPS than tank), and their TF kept bding our base to maximum effect. The SECOND game was absolute rage. Our Heim refused to even consider pushing. The entire game he said the same damn thing "Defend the turrets." And so, after five of our turrets go down, myself and Udyr manage to push a lane by our selves to the inhib tower...and our Heim complained about it. Needless to say, he went 0-7, we lost, raging from everyone else on our team.
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User Info: Silver_leaves

7 years ago#4
Don't play with heim.
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