Tips for playing as Jax

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User Info: Einofriviera

7 years ago#1
I'm tired of seeing people take Jax, who can wipe the floor with any other champ, and fail horribly at using him. So here are some tips that I suggest:

1. Get Leap Strike first, followed by Counter Strike, and ignore Empower. Leap strike will allow you to chase down fleeing champs during the initial phase, and should help you get some early kills or assists.
Empower doesn't do enough damage early on to warrant it's use, so don't bother getting it. You will get your farming skill at lvl 6, so just hold on until then.

2. Use the suggested items. They work wonderfully with Jax's ultimate. The faster you can hit, the faster you build up to the third strike for extra damage.

3. Engage champs WHILE they are in a group of minions. Contrary to how you would play with another character, hitting a champ while he has backup hurts him more than it hurts you. Every attack from the minions is one more chance to activate Counter Strike, which will incap the champ long enough to beat him/her down. Also, you can try to build up your ultimate on some of those minions before engaging the champ, since the effect lasts about 3 seconds.

Using these tactics, you will have the other team yelling "OP" every time you wipe the floor with their corpses.
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User Info: RaydricLord

7 years ago#2
I main Jax, so I have a few tips as well too. By the way, I usually get Empower at lvl 3, but I max it out after Leap Strike because it seems better than Counterstrike (since it's damage is negligible and the dodge bonus is small compared to lvl 1).

4. Empower before using Leap Strike. They both stack and it's an easy two stacks on Guinsoo's Rageblade.

5. Always try to get Dragon for the team as much as possible. Soloable at lvl 9 or with Guinsoo's Rageblade.

6. Jax can leap over certain walls if he targets something with Leap Strike. However, it can also not work, but the damage will still go through even if he stays in place after Leap Strike.

I can't dive into more without going into builds, but OP is right about following recommended. It will almost never go wrong since Banshee's is an amazing item. Phantom Dancer is a mediocre item, but definitely not recommended considering what other items you could/should be getting.
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User Info: cancerboy87

7 years ago#3
actually I disagree with most of the recommended items (except tabi and guinsoo)

I usually go atma since it stacks with empower and is awesome, rageblade, frozen mallet and bloodthirster. I find this much better then the recommended items since it emphasizes more AD and less survivability. Of course its opinion, but from all I have read, experimented with, he needs more of a hybrid build since he isnt an awesome tank (and is also usually focused first since he is such a threat late game). While his passive rocks, people think straight AD will give him enough hp to survive anything :P

TL:DR dont play jax as a straight dps machine, he needs some tank to be most effective. Raping a hero in 2 seconds then dying in a teamfight isnt really helping XD
It depends.

User Info: _Ferdi_

7 years ago#4
well maxing dmg increases his tanking potential due to his passive, so there's no point going hp items since it'll still be a win win when going straight damage.

like 2nd poster, i max counterstrike last since empower gives you a ton of dmg and id rather have that than 5 more dodge.

also disagree on not getting phantom dancer as it gives you a ton of dodge, chasing speed, crit and attack speed, nothing is wasted. although it is more of a luxury item and will probably be like your 5th/6th item
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User Info: MSN 04 Sazabi

MSN 04 Sazabi
7 years ago#5
the dodge is wasted lol and that's the main reason you buy a pd
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User Info: RaydricLord

7 years ago#6
Well the primary reason to get a Phantom Dancer for Jax is the dodge although the crit and attack speed help a lot. However, any good Jax player knows that he is built around attack damage items as opposed to dodge.

However, for Banshee's Veil is almost a must now (especially in my ELO bracket). All the casters and other enemy champions throw their spells on me the instant a team fight starts even when I jump in last. Having a Banshee's Veil takes away a spell (or possibly two if you count the bonus HP). So when I survive the initial burst damage of the fight, I can build up my stacks on my ulti and rageblade to dps everyone down.

Oh yeah, I also recommend a Phage (and a Frozen Mallet if you have an Atma's Impaler). People like to run from Jax and Jax isn't exactly the best chaser in the world. However, with one of those items, your ability to get that one extra kill greatly increases.

In my opinion, Infinity Edge>Black Cleaver>>>>>>>>>Bloodthirster. Around half your damage is magical (at least for me it is). So, a Haunting Guise is a decent pick for Jax. Anyway, Bloodthirster does not heal enough (or at all) for Jax's massive health pool. A Black Cleaver helps the team out which is why it's a nice pick. However, an Infinity Edge gives you the most and is recommended by me if your team already has someone with a Black Cleaver. The crits on Infinity Edge are insane. However, I almost never make it to an Infinity Edge in a normal game. What I usually get

Doran's Shield + Mana Pot, Ninja Tabis (I trade this Mercury Treads if it's a full magic team, which is like never), Guinsoo's Rageblade (don't get anything else after your boots. You absolutely need this or else you're a baddie), Banshee's Veil or Atma's Impaler (Banshee's if our team is doing poorly or they have 3 or more CC otherwise Atma's), Atma's Impaler or Banshee's Veil (at this point, it's best to spam elixirs. If you need more items, then I suggest the following), Phage>Frozen Mallet/Trinity Force (depending on whether your team has enough CC, if it does, go for Trinity Force, otherwise go for Frozen Mallet. Sell Doran's Shield by now if needed.), Black Cleaver/Infinity Edge (depending on whether the team has one. Definitely need to sell Doran's Shield by now). You should always be spamming Elixirs after your fourth item since it's much better than anything else you can get and you'll really be unstoppable).
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User Info: TheJackyl

7 years ago#7
My friend played Jax in a Practice match once, and it mad me die a little inside. (Us v. 5 bots)

He bought Ninja Tabi, and Stacked Phantom Dancers (as in... a Ninja Tabi and 5 PDs) and He thought that was the best build for Jax. He could even kill a Soraka 3 levels below him

If he didn't live an hour away I woulda driven over to his place and beat him with his computer.
Than again, I was bored and decided to build AD Shen, which was equally fail, but, I knew it was fail before doing so... Needed a handicap for the bots, since they aren't the brightest.
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