Hows Sion?

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User Info: MrSusan101

7 years ago#1
As I've read a few of guides for him and his described playstyle seems like it would suit me perfectly

Cheers in advance

User Info: eating4fun

7 years ago#2
you can play him DPS or AP. AP is considered the better build. However, DPS is quite fun, and it works decently in lower play.

User Info: RaydricLord

7 years ago#3
Needs to farm up to be good. If fed, he can roll a team.
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User Info: MrSusan101

7 years ago#4
How hard is it to farm with him, and how forgiving is he to noobs like me?

User Info: stonewall_hero

7 years ago#5
Actually DPS/Tank is considered the best route. AP is basically, stun, shield - do nothing.

He's incredibly straightforward and easy to play. He does have huge mana issues though.

In my opinion, he's the most boring hero to play...and I play boring heroes like Kayle and Taric.

User Info: RaydricLord

7 years ago#6
I honestly like AP Sion more. I've never seen a DPS Sion ever carry, but I've seen an AP Sion wreck people by himself.
Pokemon Platinum FC: Zev, 4425 7842 6332
Pokemon Diamond FC: Zev, 0902 9586 8138

User Info: stonewall_hero

7 years ago#7
It's like AP shaco and AP teemo- they're just more popular and more of solo acts than their better counter parts.

AP sion needs to be fed while DPS sion needs some help in wrecking people. Also, DPS sion is even more boring than AP sion-- which says something.

User Info: RaydricLord

7 years ago#8
Hahahaha, AP Shaco and AP Teemo make me sad, especially AP Shaco. AP Shaco is the most useless champion I have ever had on my team. AP Teemo is unique, but building DPS provides much more to the team than some extra damage on mushrooms that can be destroyed or reduced through Mercury Treads. Then again, I queue dodge Shacos and Teemos on my main.
Pokemon Platinum FC: Zev, 4425 7842 6332
Pokemon Diamond FC: Zev, 0902 9586 8138

User Info: stonewall_hero

7 years ago#9
Shaco is useful with the right player. Teemo makes me cry.

AP shaco is even more useless than AP teemo.

Gah - I once saw a shaco with chalice. I died a little.

User Info: TheGunslingerXL

7 years ago#10
He's pretty strong as an AP build, especially for the one I usually build him into. I've mained with him since level 12, I'm now level 25. Here's my stats with him. 50 wins/24 loses, 604 kills/303 deaths/810 assists. Early brackets, he's unstoppable, people don't understand the bubble at all and routinely get hit for 800+ damage from the bubble. At the start it does 120 + whatever magic pen runes you have. With Enrage and Lich Bane, he can put out respectable auto attacks, while still having a huge chunk of HP. If the game goes on for around 50 minutes, I'm guaranteed to have a 1k damage stun.

Here's my build:
Start off with Sapphire Crystal + 2HP pots
Build Sheen whenever you get back to base
Build Boots of Swiftness after you get your Sheen
Build Lich Bane out of your Sheen
Build Void Staff and then a Ryjal's Scepter
After your Scepter build Zhonya's Ring
Once that ring is complete, make sure it use it's active when you are in a jam! If the game is still going on, build a tanking item that will give you survivability (depends on the other team's composition, Banshee's is great if they have a nuker, ect), because at this point you should have close to 4k HP and your stun should be hitting close to 1k damage with a low cooldown.

My Skilling Order:
1 Bubble
2 Enrage
3 Bubble
4 Stun

From there on out, here's the priority of your skilling Bubble>Stun>Enrage>Ult.

At about level 6, you should be able to one shot normal minions with your AoE bubble, even harassing the other team, especially if they still don't understand that you're bubble will ruin their day. I usually have more minion kills than the person that went mid, he's a truly outrageous farmer with AP.

Here's some Tips:

1. Always turn your bubble on if it looks like you're getting into a fight. It has a small period of time before you can manually detonate it, so you want to have it ready to detonate, especially if the other team is decent, because they might try to break it before you get your stun off on them.

2. You have terrible mana efficiency at early game, Clarity is required for this build to really shine and can also help your lane partner out a lot. I go for a 9/0/21 build, with points in both Improved Clarity and Clairvoyance (someone should always have this on your team, might as well be you).

3. In the lower skill brackets, people will constantly underestimate/not understand you, therefore you can usually two shot the weaker characters (Ashe/Teemo/ect). Hitting off a Stun+Bubble combo for close to 1k damage around level 10 is devastating, even more so since you'll have stun back up by the time you bubble burst them and they freak out and run.

4. Always go for the wraith spawns when you can, it's free gold and Sion by level 6 can one shot them with his bubble when he as Sheen.

I've used both Sion in solo queues and in arranged 5v5s and I've had great results with both. I'm not a top ELO player by any means, but I do have more wins than losses and my Sion has great stats under his belt. The build makes you feel invincible at lower level brackets and at the high levels and arranged games, makes them stack magic resist hard (or die lol).

Anyways, seriously try out my build and tell me what you think. I gave this build to my friend who's now around level 15. He had a 10 losing streak before I told him to pick up Sion. He won his first 8 games with him and he has an almost 2:1 KDR. If you have any questions, be free to ask me. I absolutely love this character, due to the unexpected nature of his burst and his amazing lanning ability (seriously, wait and see how amazing it is right off the bat).

One more thing, if you don't start quoting Arnold Schwarzenegger movies after you receive a kill, then you fail as Sion. My personal favorite is, "Remember when I said I'd kill you last? I LIED!"

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