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User Info: PhoenixNine

7 years ago#1
Keep in mind I'm level 9/10.

Based on my early farm, I like to go Warmog+Tabi, Zeal, Impaler, Phantom. If I'm not farming that well and there's some casters on enemy team, grab a Visage (although I think this item isn't particularly good >_>, even though the cooldown decrease is kind of useful for the ult).

That aside, what should I be getting? I'm thinking Phantom Dancer + Infinity, if farmed, could make for some incredible critting action. I like me some fast Warmog+Impaler though, the more you kill, the better the damage, and the easier it becomes to kill. XD Lacks attack speed without Dancer though.

Really though, he really needs quite a bit itemwise to truly wreck things. But when he gets there, lol. I had 60% or so crit chance at full hp, 100% as it got low enough. That was just hilarious - almost 10 seconds of standing there obliterating health bars left and right.
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User Info: Earthshaker

7 years ago#2
Avarice blade early to Youmuu's Ghostblade later. Spirit visage to boost bloodlust healing and cut your cooldowns.

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User Info: PhoenixNine

7 years ago#3
Yeah I was just thinking of that item, it seems very useful.
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User Info: BrotherJagz

7 years ago#4
Well my most successful build is this, in this order- 1 avarice blade, berserker's greaves, infinity edge, the 12% lifesteal item whatever it's called- sometimes earlier if you can afford it but not a piece for the infinity. (lifesteal is useful, for farming and for keeping stacks of bloodlust for damage so you don't need to use for heal).

Then it depends on the other team- last whisper for armor pen, phantom dancer if you're getting smacked by physical damage a lot, blood thirster if you need more damage and they aren't wearing armor. You don't need a lot of crit chance, as you can let your passive build it up for you. The above gives 50% crit chance with marks, masteries, and the avarice/infinity. 50% more when you're at 0 health.

Spirit visage is not that useful when it comes time to team fight. You'll either stay at full health or lose it all instantly, depending if you get focused or not. Your heal won't really help you survive, except when you use it after you've raged and you're trying to get away. In that case you don't really need the visage.

ALWAYS take cleanse with him, NEVER take any survivability items for him so long as you can cleanse and rage you'll survive. With the exception of a late guardian angel especially if you're new, it helps make up for mistakes and for missing your rage attempts.
Personally i take flash second, otherwise ghost. Late game your damage is sick you don't need exhaust/ignite.

Honestly I might just suggest waiting until level 30 to play as Tryndamere. The crit chance marks and the 5% extra damage help a lot. He's underpowered extremely without good items and builds.

User Info: TheRedPsychosis

7 years ago#5
I have 12% crit , 13% crit damage and 5.85% cooldown reduc.

My build is executioner's calling, boots, last whisper, zeal, zeal, inf edge or bloodrazor, then upgrade to phantom dancers.

Pretty much the faster char on the map, can farm really easily, and you do tons of damage.. even though there isn't much AD. The lifesteal is phenomenal, after you start attacking fast. Yes, 2 zeals before straight PD. Two zeals is pretty much the same as a PD but about 1k cheaper. Sometimes I'll get a sword of the occult instead of the last options.
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User Info: PhoenixNine

7 years ago#6
I like Smite with him. Instant 2 Bloodlust when you're out, can be really helpful on a tough lane early but also in other situations. Plus extra gold <3.
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User Info: PRNOIAxPlus

7 years ago#7
Smite gets outweighed by the time mid game happens. Ghost and Cleanse work better all game. Been a ****s long time since I've been that low and forgot when you unlock all the summoner skills. Just throwing that up there.

I start off with Vampiric scepter = Longer laning time + less harassment you have to worry about

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