How to build a good Ezreal?

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User Info: Fullgore EXE

Fullgore EXE
7 years ago#1
Whenever I play him, I always feel really weak. I can barely get any kills and damage off. This is the build I used:,Real+E-Z+stacking

Last game I didn't get a single kill and we lost before I managed to get a Guinsoo. I skipped the Mejai's cause I was sucking and got Merc Threads instead due to massive CC.

User Info: Twinrova225

7 years ago#2
Try going pure AP or pure AD, it's ver difficult to go with a hybrid build and be successful with it.
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User Info: Fullgore EXE

Fullgore EXE
7 years ago#3
What would you suggest for Summoner's Rift 5v5? Playing normal games, on my own (not arranged).

User Info: RaydricLord

7 years ago#4
If you want to go AP, Mana Crystal/Doran's Ring start. Build Tear of the Goddess first. Next, build Sorc Boots, Mejai's Soulstealer, Sheen>Lichbane, finish Archangel Staff, Guinsoo's Rageblade, Zhonya's Ring.

For AD, rush Black Cleaver asap, Ninja Tabis/Mercury Treads, Frozen Mallet, everything else is up to you. I never play AD. AD is better on TT, but AP is better on SR.
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User Info: zeroknightxz

7 years ago#5
For my AP Ezreal, I go Mejai's if my team is doing well. If not, I rush a Rylais. Void Staff after the Rylais, then I get a defense item depending on the other teams composition.
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User Info: DeathWyvern

7 years ago#6
Here's my ezreal, build him like this almost every game.

Start with Sapphire Crystal/2x Health Potions, try to get solo mid if possible. Make sure to get your minion kills, hold position and wait until you can one shot them, the rest of the time you should spend harassing whatever mid champ you're against.

Build your sapphire Crystal into a sheen, grab boots.
Build your boots into either mercury's treads (if their team is stun/magic heavy), or sorcerer's boots if you don't need treads.

If you find yourself destroying the competition, build a mejai's after boots. If you're finding your team is getting destroyed and you're dying too fast, try to build a Rod of Ages.

Turn your sheen into a lich bane.

If the game is still going build a Rylais or Zhonyas. If you're getting toasted you might want to grab a banshees veil.

Runes should be =
Red = Magic Pen
Yellow = AP per Level
Blue = Reduced Cooldown per Level
Quintessences = Reduced Cooldowns per Level

Bring Flash and Exhaust or Flash and Ignite, I find these are the best for Ezreal. You might also try teleport to get back to your lanes faster and assist around the map.

For Masteries I use 21/0/9

My record with Ez is

316 kills/159 Deaths/345 assists
26 wins/12 losses

Carried most of those games, I always solo que or play with one friend of mine who plays mordekaiser.
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User Info: DeathWyvern

7 years ago#7
Forgot to say, being able to anticipate enemies movements and hit them with your abilities is the biggest part of playing a good ez, and staying alive. Map awareness as well, ezreal is a great ganker. If you see a hero run away to try to recall next to a tower, use your E ability to teleport near him and hopefully grab an easy kill. If you're good enough, you can get a lot of kills from across the map with your ult. I always max flux first, followed by E, then Q. Your Q ability doesn't really get that good until you get lich bane, then it destroys. I usually leave it at level 1 until everything else is maxed and I have my lich bane.
Gamertag - Mythologick
Playing - Halo 3, Xenogears (again), MvC2, BlazBlue

User Info: RaydricLord

7 years ago#8
Scratch the Archangel's Staff, I usually build RoA instead.
Pokemon Platinum FC: Zev, 4425 7842 6332
Pokemon Diamond FC: Zev, 0902 9586 8138

User Info: Voidgolem

7 years ago#9

Rush Sheen + Mejais, boots when necessary.

Buy either a Catalyst or a Giant's Belt (Upgrade accordingly. Banshees/RoA or Rylai's, whichever)

Sheen > Lichbane

Work on Zhonya's


Longsword x 3 (Begin with either mana crystal or doran's ring)


Longswords > Brutalizer + Phage.

Phage + Sheen (if you had mana crystal, otherwise go for Mallet) > Trinity

Additional Damage (Personally? I'd avoid IE, go for Cleaver or Bloodthirstier instead)

Brutalizer > Youmu's (when applicable. Low priority)


In either case: APen reds, MP5/level yellows, CDR blues, HP/Movespeed quint.

...AD build may or may not change if/when PTR armor pen changes happen, as will rune setup.
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User Info: sharpshooter891

7 years ago#10
what does AD stand for?
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