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User Info: oogarasu

7 years ago#1
I have some RP sitting around, so I was looking at possibly getting one of the 6300 IP champs.

Was curious, are Ez and Karthus considered the best all around champs in that catagory, and by that, I mean usable in all ELO brackets? Twitch only good in lower ELO?

I've played All champs now except for Twitch and Panth so I don't really know how Twitch works in my low ELO, or how he'd work if I ever improve.

User Info: RaydricLord

7 years ago#2
Twitch is good if you have a team backing him up. I.E. Janna and Morgana/Kayle. However, he's hard to play. Ezreal is a great pick for solo queueing. Karthus deals a lot of damage for a caster, but he's hard to play. The Lay Waste mechanics do not make sense to me (instead of a point and click, it's a point-click).
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User Info: Motafication

7 years ago#3
As a person who owns Karthus and used to main him, Karthus is good. But he is fantastic against people who don't understand his gameplay. I've had people stand by their tower as I lay waste into them and they're like wtf because they don't know they range or mechanic of lay waste.

But if I play against Karthus because I know him so well his attacks are easily avoidable. Still a good hero, but like dota zeus best for pubstomping.
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User Info: oogarasu

7 years ago#4
Karthus just isn't for me from the times I've practiced with him (when he's free). I've done pretty good with Ez, and can reliably land his skill shots/heal so I guess I should probably go with him.

User Info: King_of_Goats

7 years ago#5
I really like Blitzcrank, not sure if you have used him before but he is a fun character to play. I've been wondering though, how is Blitzcrank for upper level ELO games?
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User Info: Earthshaker

7 years ago#6
My views:

Kennen - Think of him as a heavy nuker that can run DPS if he so desires. Also has an escape. Squishy though.

Anivia - Heavy nuker, squishy, blah blah. Crystallize is fun. Mana issues are not. Ashe does the Slow and stun game better, Annie the nukage.

Blitzcrank - A one-trick pony, but a FUN one.

Twitch Epitome of a glass cannon, but stupidly effective with Morgana, Kayle, or Janna.

Ezreal - Wonderful at the moment for Heal comps. Fun ultimate/premise. Like all 6300s, save Blitz, squishy. Built-in Flash can't go wrong.

Karthus - Causes enemies to dance. Yet another squishy nuker. Easiest champ in game for Mejais stacks next to Whoreaka.
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User Info: Voidgolem

7 years ago#7
Kennen: Weirdly itemized nuker. Generally thought of as UP (I think he's fine. Hoard Zeals >.>)

Anivia: Extremely painful nuker. Seems a bit underplayed, though.

Blitzcrank: Powerful guy with hook that's viable 90% of the time if you can aim (the other 10% is when Banshees' or spellshield is used)

Twitch: Is bad and you should feel bad for considering him.

Ezreal: Fun champion if you can aim. Versatile DPS/Caster/Support.

Karthus: R is god of killstealing. That's pretty much it.

Corki: God-tier physical carry. Highly underplayed.
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User Info: NeCrOmAnCeR

7 years ago#8
All the 6300 champs take quite a bit of practice to master, but they all do very well.

User Info: Masterjeff54

7 years ago#9
ezreal is imo by far and large the best of the 6300 champs.

can go ad or ap builds. Can play carry or support. Also his skillshots mean you have the option of lots of trashtalking for landing them.
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