Do people ALWAYS disconnect?

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User Info: NightlyOne

7 years ago#1
It seems like every time I play a game, one of my teammates disconnects within 5 minutes and never come back. So my team always is at a disadvantage.

However, I'm only summoner level 7. Are these disconnections commonplace? And does it plague the upper levels as well?

User Info: MrSusan101

7 years ago#2
Well im lvl 12 and 5v5 games are a real rariety, noy sure about further on up

User Info: VagrantStar

7 years ago#3
No it isn't always this bad.

It only happens about 1 in 7 for me, give or take. Just keep working to get out of newbie island, and you will be rewarded with good, competitive play.
League of Legends IGN: finalfantasyzeal
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  3. Do people ALWAYS disconnect?

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