List the carry champions

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User Info: Tytanium_0503

7 years ago#1
so after playing several games as alistar, I can see how he would be very good for elaborate team setups and combos.. etc.. But this also showed me that the lower brackets for LoL really don't care about a heros potential. I have won many games while carrying as Sivir, but what are some other fun carries to play?

User Info: OpforALLAHJIHAD

7 years ago#2
huge list really

some common ones:

katarina, sivir, twisted fate, karthus, jax, etc....etc...

Basically anyone that can nuke

User Info: capgamer

7 years ago#3
My favorite carry is probably Garen. He's not the best and he's melee, but he's fun to play.
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User Info: RAYClovis

7 years ago#4
Garen isn't really a hard carry. More of a soft carry at best.
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User Info: Voidgolem

7 years ago#5
Everyone who isn't a mage, Cho'gath, or Shen.

Even Alistar can carry. Got rolled by one who built a Bloodrazor awhile back >.>

It's certainly easier to list who can't carry.
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User Info: Dartkun

7 years ago#6
Hard Carry: Udyr, Yi, Ashe, Trynd, Jax, Sivir, Tristana, TF, Nidalee, Corki
Soft Carry: Katarina, Ezrael, Kassadin, Twitch, Gangplank, Garen

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User Info: RepentxSinner

7 years ago#7
Trynd, Yi? No.
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User Info: PhoenixNine

7 years ago#8
Yi hardcarry with AP.
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User Info: fi3rcedragon

7 years ago#9
Trynd and Yi CAN carry, but that's assuming you didn't own them early game and let them farm their way to victory.
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User Info: stealth42

7 years ago#10
What's the difference between a hard and soft carry?
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