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User Info: Vhial

7 years ago#1

Alright, just hit level 30 the other day so now I'm trying to focus highly on building my IP up an ELO.

I mainly play as Nasus lately, pretty good if I do say so myself, hardly ever have less then 7 kills and 15 asissts, mostly around 2-5 deaths depending on who I lane against and with, only lost 3 games so far with him.

I play at random times due to college and real life, live on the east coast. I try to play 2-4 matches a day, mostly early afternoon up until late night is when I randomly get on.

Other heroes I'm solid with are as follow.


Shaco. Yi. Shen. Ashe. Cho. Sion. Twisted. Sivir. Fiddle. Warwick.


Shaco. WW. Sion. Mundo. Fiddle. Cho. Shen. Teemo. Twitch (dont care to play him though.) Zilean.

I rather play SR these days, simply because on SR if you have a nub on your team you can normally still win...on bad player and its game over.

IGN: Sinizter.

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