any generic rune type setups?

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User Info: Eradicator_Z

7 years ago#1

just in case i dont get a character im used too
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User Info: Hydrox_Z

7 years ago#2
Red Runes: Armor Pen/Magic Pen
Yellow Runes: Dodge (HP/lvl for whatever doesn't splash 9 in def)
Blue Runes: Cooldown Reduction (Flat or /lvl are both okay)/Mana/5/lvl
Quints: Armor Pen/Health (Flat) (Movement Speed is okay too)

User Info: Wolf_Link_

7 years ago#3
scaling mp/5 seals are good on a lot of heroes that use mana.
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Red: Armor/Magic Pen
Yellow: Flat HP.
Blue: Flat Cooldown.
Quints: 2 Flat HP, 1 Armor/Magic Pen.

If you're just starting out buying Tier 3 runes, that's what I recommend. It's nothing special but it has something in it for every champ you can play.
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