Everyone says flash is so good...

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User Info: CalmOfEmptiness

7 years ago#11
I've just been getting clarity and teleport. I NEED teleport, its just SO useful. And clarity means I hardly ever run out of mana, especially in the beginning when I am running low in mid.

You don't NEED Teleport, and Clarity really depends on which champ you play. If you play a mage, I can see you needing it. But if you don't, then you just aren't really managing your mana right.

Teleport is a very useful spell, and I like it alot.

You also don't NEED Flash. It's just a great overall summoner spell, and in most likelihood, the best one for your champion.

Here's something a bit more constructive: post which champions you play frequently, and I will tell you which spells are most useful on them.

User Info: MSN 04 Sazabi

MSN 04 Sazabi
7 years ago#12
You do realize that Flash is just one Summoner spell and that Ghost+Cleanse are two, right?

Which means you can get Flash and something else? Think about that for a little bit.

If you really want you don't need to take cleanse with ghost. But if you're taking flash you're probably taking cleanse, too lol.
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User Info: Q_Sensei

7 years ago#13
I like ghost myself.

Shorter Cooldown, and is a whole lot better for chasing.
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