What does carry mean in LoL?

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User Info: highdigger

7 years ago#1
I see many heroes labeled as carry by game system but I do not understand this term's meaning in LoL. In DotA, carry is a role. Many heroes have the option to not be carries although some pretty much don't. Example, necrolyte could be a good support or good carry he might do one better than other but he does both well. Terrorblade can only hope to be a carry, for other roles he is pretty useless. Generally, the worse the hero is early, the more beastly he is farmed. But part of playing the carry role is farming, a lot. Yet LoL doesn't seem like a game where you can farm a lot. After laning, it's pretty much a giant roam party. Though I still have little experience, I get a feeling it has to be this way since there are no teleport scrolls and getting golem and lizard buffs, not to mention dragon means much more than one hero bottling a DD rune. I think even top players would have to play this way unless fortify is a popular spell for them. Pretty much, you can't afford to have one player run around and farm all the lanes. So this brings me back to what exactly is a carry in LoL?

User Info: AKAIcewolf

7 years ago#2
a person who carries the team to victory?
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User Info: PhoenixNine

7 years ago#3
Jax? Ashe?


A hero who can do SO MUCH DAMAGE in WHATEVER WAY to annihilate the enemy team. This can be done through a bazillion spell damage to really strong physical attacks.
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User Info: Tulki

7 years ago#4
Carries tend to be people who benefit more from gear than others, like Master Yi and his insane attack speed ultimate which multiplies damage, or Ashe since her multishot scales up quickly with her attack power.
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User Info: TailzRulez

7 years ago#5
What Tulki said. A good carry can pretty much spend his first few levels getting tons of last hits in the mid lane and then just wtfpwn everyone on the side lanes because he's both a higher level, and hugely overgears them.
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