wtf Jax?

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User Info: MSN 04 Sazabi

MSN 04 Sazabi
7 years ago#11
for an op character you'd think he'd carry harder

honestly ashe carries harder with her lane control, imba stun, volley (esp when paired with healers), and for simply being ranged
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User Info: RaydricLord

7 years ago#12
He's generally agreed upon to the best the only OP character in the game.

What? OP? He hasn't been OP since his passive gave 5 HP per 1 AD. In my opinion, he really didn't need the nerfs after that since it didn't change him much at all in my experience with the 200+ games I've had with Jax.

Jax's passive game mechanics is theoretically broken (300g on Jax means 450g on any other champion or something), but in play he plays the way a melee carry should be. Melee carries should suck early-game, do decent mid-game and slaughter people late-game. Most games in high ELO where tiers do matter end before 25 minutes, so you really don't see a late-game. Examples of a late-game champions aside from Jax are Tryndamere or old AD Yi. Tryndamere can take on entire teams by himself if he has his items, but most people prevent that from happening. Anyway, if you just compare Jax with other champions within Summoner's Rift, he's actually in a fine spot.

However, if you look at it from a different standpoint, Jax can be OP. If you compare him to other melee carries, he is OP. No other melee carry can dodge as much as he can and with his passive, he easily has the highest survivability rate (or at least top three) out of any melee carry. In addition, Jax can be OP on TT since he isn't going to take as much damage from three players as he does from five players (obviously). Another thing that separates Jax from other melee carries (except Udyr) is that he does not require any items from the Best Friend Sword family to deal damage. So, he can build his damage items much quicker than say Garen. I really do think BF Swords should have components like two Pickaxes and Pickaxe should have a Long Sword component.

Anyway, if you think Jax is OP, then you haven't played enough of the game to really see what's really OP like Janna/Ashe+Fort Pot pre-patch. That lane is just stupid OP.
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User Info: R_Jackal

7 years ago#13
He's an anti-carry carry. If you play a physical carry, you stay the hell away from Jax unless you buy a Sword of the Divine. Simplest way to explain it. Let your tank/nuker take care of him. Don't try to take him alone, he is arguably the best 1v1 champ out there(Other contenders being Mordekaiser, Nasus, and Malzahar)

That's pretty much all there is to him.

If you're a physical carry, also, for gods' sake do NOT focus Jax. Let the casters take care of him. Getting your team repeatedly stunned during a team fight is never a good idea.

User Info: Aero_15

7 years ago#14
Malhazar is pretty pathetic once you realize he's just another hero with a cleansable ult.
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